What Is Ken Starr Cause Of Death Surgery: Know About Kenneth’s Funeral And Obituary. Read On His Wiki.

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We learned Ken Starr Cause of Death Surgery. Also, we learned about his achievements as a solicitor. 

How did Ken Starr die? Ken Starr, an independent counsel who uncovered an investigation at the White House, died at 76 due to an uncertain illness. Police and family members have not yet confirmed the exact cause of death to the media. 

However, people across the United States wonder about Ken Starr Cause of Death Surgery. His uncertain death after spending 17 weeks in hospital has sparked rumors and speculations. 

What was the cause of death? 

Ken died from a surgical operation on Tuesday, 13 September 2022, at Baylor St Luke Medical Center. Ken Winston Starr was a former U.S. solicitor general who made headlines when he gained worldwide fame in the 1990s. He thoroughly investigated former president Bill Clinton in several political scandals. 

He also served as the president of Baylor University from 2010 to 2016. From 1989 to 1993, Ken Starr was also the lawyer for President George W Bush, where he led 25 cases in the supreme court. As per Ken Starr Wiki, he was also a member of former president Donald Trump’s defense team’s first impeachment. 

 Who is Ken Starr? 

Starr was a Reagan judicial appointee and solicitor under the guidance of former president George W. Bush. He became famous after he led an independent counsel that led to the impeachment of president Bill Clinton. His lengthy and aggressive judicial investigation made headlines. 

His sudden death after spending 17 weeks at Baylor St. Luke Medical Center in Houston caused a commotion among the people. Ken lived with his wife Alice, three children, and nine grandchildren. Ken Starr funeral will be held later on Wednesday. Ken’s son Randall Starr said that he is disheartened by the sudden loss of his loving father and grandfather, who was the best in his field of work but always cared for and loved his family immensely. 

Baylor president Linda Livingston paid tribute to Ken Starr as she said in a statement that he was a dedicated public servant. He allowed faith-based institutions like Baylor to gain success in life. 

Many other achievements of Ken Starr And Kenneth Starr Obituary

Ken Starr was a remarkable man. Although he was also part of many scandals and controversies, he emerged as a winner and a great solicitor of all times. For several years, Ken’s stellar performances as a solicitor gave him a position in the supreme court. 

At age 37, he became the youngest lawyer to serve in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Ken’s journey from a young lawyer to the country’s famous solicitor was not easy, but it was worth it. 


This guide taught us about Ken Starr Cause of Death Surgery. He was also a former judge and a stalwart legal advisor, best known for his role as a legal advisor for President George W Bush, which led to the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Ken also wrote a memoir in which he wrote about all the probes and investigations of this infamous case. 

Who would carry his legacy after his death? Comment below. 

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