Larry Birdle Guessing Game {April} Wordle’s NBA Version!


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Hello, readers; in this article, we will share interesting and easy steps to play a mystery puzzle game related to the National Basketball Association. 

Dear readers, are you in love with wordle games? If yes, we have brought a new and unique Larry Birdle Guessing Game for you

The game is very popular in the United States because the NBA is a basketball league in North America and the game is based on guessing the names of players who participated in the league.

Game Abstract –

Larry Birdle has been originated to provide relaxing activities for basketball enthusiasts. The developer has chosen ‘Larry Bird’ name because he is the former player of NBA and his name is used to motivate game lovers for playing the game. The features of this game are similar to wordle, but this game includes no customary restrictions like wordle. The updated version of this game has Dalano Mode. 

The developer provides filters to help players in choosing their favourite divisions or teams in  Larry Birdle Game. If you want to guess the name of a player from your favourite division such as Northwest, Pacific, Atlantic, and central, you can check the filters for selecting that division. 

How to play Larry Birdle?

There are four filters in the game. The players cannot start the game without selecting at least one position out of three, one conference out of two, one division out of six, and one team out of the given teams. 

Silhouette, height, age, and numbers are the basic hints that every player gets and enjoys to continue the Larry Birdle Guessing Game. These basic principles include some sub-rules like:

  • Silhouette will change after changing the division or Team. 
  • The Same rules will be applied in the case of height, age, etc.
  • Players need to guess the answer within eight attempts. 

The guess accuracy score will keep telling the players how far they have reached. That will motivate/warn them to choose the answer wisely. However, the game can be played anytime and anywhere on Smartphone or tablet/laptop/PC. Hope, all these details clears all your doubts and increases your curiosity to play the game.

Brief about the Larry Birdle Guessing Game

The developers of this game, Jacob Tepperman, got inspired by the NBA game Poeltl and created this gamethe NBA version of wordle which can be played in the english language. 

FAQs –

Q.1 Is it safe to play this game on another website?

A.1 It will be difficult and unsafe to play this game on another website.

Q.2 Why did the creator of the game choose Larry’s name?

A.2 Larry Bird is a former NBA player. The developer has chosen this name to motivate game lovers to play it.

The Final Verdict – 

Like all wordle games, Larry Birdle Guessing Game is also exciting plus easy to play. Whenever you have free time, you can play it. For more information regarding this game, visit this official page and play

Did you play this game? Please, share your experience with us.

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