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Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Lawyers of Distinction Scam to know the reason why it is treated as a scam.

Why is the award of lawyers of distinction treated as a scam? Did you know who had recently received a certificate of lawyers of distinction award? What is the process of nomination for the award? What is the evaluation process for the award? What are authentic awards in the field of law?

In this article, let’s review all these details about the Lawyers of Distinction Scam in the United States.

About the scam:

The award for the lawyers of distinction is given to eminent lawyers who have worked hard. However, recently a settlement firm decided to have some fun with this award. They nominated their office dog, Lucy, to receive this award!

It definitely looks like a joke. But, surprisingly, Lucy received the certificate as a lawyer of distinction, mentioning her name as Lucy Davis, Esq, Personal Injury, Top 10% in the USA! The news made a trend with an animated meme of Lucy thanking for the award on a YouTube video.

Hence, the Lawyers of Distinction Scam is regarded as a fraud because of the loopholes. All Lucy is known as far walking in the office premises of the settlement firm, a fun social media page, and few clients expressing their love towards Lucy! 

What is Lawyers of Distinction award?

Lawyers of Distinction award is given to a lawyer for his contribution and hard work in a specific law field. The award can be given to a lawyer dealing with cases of personal injury, divorce, and many other areas.

The Lawyers of Distinction is a prestigious club to be a part of which is now questioned as Lawyers of Distinction Scam. You get recognized in the field of law, as a leading law professional on social media, and many doors of opportunities open. 

You can include the trade mark material on the letterhead, external or internal stationary, on the company’s website, in your email signature, Etc. 

The application process:

The process of applying is simple. You need to send a summary of your achievements and contributions in the field of law in 600 words and pay a $475 application fee. Below parameters are scored and presented to the board for review. Based on it, the Lawyers of Distinction award is given, which makes a lawyer a top-notch litigator.

Lawyers of Distinction Scam and evaluation process:

The board reviews your case results, awards, honours, google reviews, experience, verdicts, educational background, settlements, AVVO reviews, certifications, activities, reviews by clients, community service, pro bono, publications, writings, and lectures.


With Lucy receiving the Lawyers of Distinction award, the whole process of application and evaluation got exposed. Does a dog apply for an award, and will it have reviews, certification, education, or publications? Thus, the Lawyers of Distinction award is treated as a scam. The accreditation by Bar, Martindale-Hubbell and AVVO recognition is three valid awards in the field of law.

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