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This article covers complete detail of the Level Aqa Leaked Chemistry Paper and further detail on the AQA Spokesman statement.

Have you heard about AQA paper leak news? Do you know which paper got leaked? If not here, we are to share every detail you need to know. The investigating department is trying to enquire on every matter. This has become the most viral news in the United Kingdom.

So today, through this article, we will share every detail of the viral news of Level Aqa Leaked Chemistry Paper. To know more, read the blog below.

Paper leak in AQA level exam:

The news of AQA level exam paper news has been trending on the internet. As per sources, it has been reported by the AQA that their chemistry paper has been leaked on Snap chat. This Monday, the 12 pages A-level chemistry exam paper was on sale on Snap Chat before the exam could commence. Nearly thousands of students appeared on that exam, while many claimed they could recognize the paper as they had already seen it.

The recent news on the Aqa Leaked Chemistry Paper has left everyone speechless, as it is one of the country’s most renowned and biggest board of exams. Many photographs were found on the 12 pages of the chemistry exam paper. At the same time, investigations are still going on to catch the culprit.

More details on the A-level Chemistry paper leak:

The recent news has left every student speechless. It was reported that the AQA chemistry exam paper was leaked on social media. Many photographs and screenshots were found of the 12 paper-long chemistry exam papers. The papers were shared through an unknown account on snap chat advertising the Level Aqa Leaked Chemistry Paper. It was claimed that the paper had been recklessly sold on the social platform this Monday.

The unknown account was advertising the leaked chemistry paper and was asking every student to make the payment if they wanted the entire paper. It is said that the photos and screenshots of the chemistry paper were leaked on Twitter 7 days before the commencement of the exam.

As per sources, Students blame the exam authority and the board for such negligence and ask the teachers to put grades on their papers due to such negligence. AQA are trying to assure their students to remain calm as investigations are going on this behalf.

AQA statement on Level Aqa Leaked Chemistry Paper:

The exam board claims to take any further action for such negligence, which led to the leak of their A-level chemistry paper. As the students are becoming furious after such negligence, the AQA Spokesman has stated that they are quite disappointed after the leak of the chemistry exam paper. Further stated that the integrity team of AQA and the policeman were investigating this matter. Moreover, they have reassured the student to do anything they could to prevent unfair exam advantages.

Summing Up:

This AQA exam board is quite disappointed that many students have seen the exam paper before the commencement. This article provides every detail on Level Aqa Leaked Chemistry Paper. And to know more about A-level chemistry paper leak, click on this link. ()

This article shares complete detail about the AQA spokesman’s statement on such an incident.

Are you aware of the A-level Chemistry paper leak? Comment your opinions.

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