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Did you hear name of Lionel Richie? Moreover, among the people of the United States and Canda Lionel is a famous name. Recently, due to his private life he is gaining popularity online. Since, his love life came in news his fans are showing keen interest to know about Lionel Richie Wife. So, keep checking our blog to learn more about Lionel’s personal information.

Lionel Richie Wife: Who is she?

Lionel Richie Wife Who is she

Brenda Harvey-Richie was his first wife. Both was in relationship from their high school time. The couple spend life together from 1975 till 1993. But unfortunately, in 1993 they separated their path. Nicole was the pair’s adopted daughter.

 He later married Diane Alexander, a fashion designer. The two have a son named Miles Richie and a daughter named Sofia Richie Grainge. In 2004, Richie Sr. and Alexander divorced.
In 2018, the 29-year-old Miles Richie signed a deal to represent the prestigious fashion firm Wilhelmina Models. 

Moreover, our research uncovered celebrity relationship. PEOPLE claims that Lisa Parigi, Lionel Richie’s lover, has been with him for almost a decade. The couple’s ages are significantly apart. It is rumored that the two had been seeing when they were introduced at a gathering for dinner by mutual friends.

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Who are Lionel Richie Kids?

His unwavering love and dedication are due to Miles Brockman Richie, Sofia Richie, Nicole Richie, and the late artist Sr. Lionel Richie. When his dad, Lionel Richie Sr., passed away in 1990, Lionel had acute depressive disorder and learned a great deal about fatherhood from him.
Nicole Richie was reared by Lionel and his ex-wife Brenda Harvey when she was a young child. She was born September 21, 1981. His first fatherhood was experienced by him. 

When Nicole was nine years old, Lionel and Harvey adopted her from her parents, who were friends of Lionel’s but could not economically provide for her. 

Lionel’s son, Miles Brockman Richie, arrived along with his second wife, Diane Alexander. The youngest of Lionel’s children, Sofia Richie, was born in Los Angeles on August 24, 1998.

Lionel Richie Wife and Biography

Lionel Richie Wife and Biography

In our findings, we found that Lionel married twice. His first wife, Brenda Harvey-Richie, apart from it there is no further information available about her. Moreover, Diane Alexander was his second wife. Professionally she is a clothing designer and enjoying her success in this field. 

She has spent many years in the world of fashion and created a unique identity for herself. She has got fame for her unique style and due to her excellent business skills.

Full name Lionel Brockman Richie Jr.
Born at Tuskegee, Alabama, United States
Age 74-year-old
Birth date 20th June 1949
Diane Alexander, Brenda Harvey-Richie 
Profession American singer, television personality record producer, and songwriter. 
Parents Alberta R. RichieLionel Brockman Richie

Who Is the girlfriend of Lionel Richie?

Parigi was born in Switzerland. In an appearance with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, she discussed her childhood and how she disliked the climate in her native country. So, she chose to live in sunny Los Angeles with Richie. 

 Parigi is the creator and CEO of Glow Up Beauty, a skincare product, and The Estate Collection, a lifestyle brand. Her skincare brand specializes in offering vegan, sulphate-, paraben-, and cruelty-free products. However, her label gives candles and scent oils inspired by travel and love for life, as stated on her Instagram page.


The study on Lionel Richie Wife reveals that his life has faced many ups and downs. But still, he is enjoying his life with his new partner. Visit here

Lionel Richie is leading a successful professional journey. Due to his artistic nature, he is very popular among his fans.

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