Why Do Men and Women Go Bald?

Why Do Men and Women Go Bald

Baldness is a hair disorder that affects the majority of men and women across the globe, especially as they age. Extensive research has been carried out on hair loss to determine the cause and the possible solution for androgenetic alopecia. The study shows that 50 % of the male in the world experience hair loss by the time they get to their 50s which increases to 80 % as they get older. Well, hair loss in men is common, and you have probably observed that some hair left on your combs or even hair easily falls once you brush your hand over your head. That is a sign that you are experiencing hair thinning which can result in baldness if not treated. Studies also show that men who experience total baldness in their later years start to notice some hair loss before age 21. Thanks to technology, most people can treat their hair loss and even prevent possible baldness.

Why do men go bald

There are numerous reasons why most men are bald. The most common reason for hair loss in men is due to family history. Research indicates that 95% of men have hereditary hair loss, whereby genes of weak hair follies are passed on to them by the parent. Below are some of the reasons for baldness;

  • Genetics

This depends on how many hormones your body produces and how your hair follicles respond to them. Dihydrotestosterone, a hormone in men, makes the hair follicles weak, becoming smaller and thinner. With time the hair follicles seize to produce hair.

  • Diet

The diet contributes a lot to the health of your hair. A diet short of minerals and vitamins might lead to premature hair loss. Subsequently, a diet rich in proteins, zinc, omega3 fatty acids, selenium diet, and iron may help maintain strong hair growth.

  • Lifestyle

Your lifestyle also contributes a lot to your hair loss status. Partying a lot, too much alcohol and smoking, and lack of enough sleep are some of the lifestyle vices that contribute to hair thinning on some parts of your scalp and eventual baldness. Instead, you can adopt more friendly virtues such as planning how to spend your day and leaving enough time to get sleep. Good sleep significantly affects your general health, whereby the most important hormones for hair growth are active.

  • Medication

Most medication has a negative effect on your hair growth. Some may even result in long-term hair loss. Some medications are known to increase stress hormones which result in hair loss. For example, drugs administered for blood pressure, like propranolol and ACE inhibitors, like lisinopril, may result in hair loss.

  • stress

stress is a major cause of illness to your body, more so it does not spare even your hair. Upcoming deadlines or unrealistic expectations in your work area may lead to stress-induced baldness.

Bald celebrities

The majority of celebrities across the world suffer from baldness due to different effects, as outlined above. Well, most of them have already adapted to it, and it looks like just another fashion hairstyle. Below are some of the top celebrities with baldness;

  1. Patrick Stewart
  2. Jason Statham
  3. Howie Mandel
  4. Michael Jordan
  5. Samuel L. Jackson

Hair Wigs for Bald Women to Buy 

1. Custom monofilament with lace front

This type of wig is made in reference to the customer’s requirements. The wig has a breathable and durable monofilament base, creating a classical look for any woman. The lace front in this wig helps create the impression of a natural hairline, creating a sense of confidence. The best thing about this wig is that the poly material is easy to maintain and clean up.

2. CICI Full Cap wig

Another popular wig for women with bald heads, especially due to medical conditions, is the CICI. The CICI wig has a monofilament cap and a lace front hairline, making it appear as full natural hair on the scalp. It has a premium base that is designed to add comfort and security to the wearer.

3. KIKI medical wig for baldness

This a special wig that is manufactured for women who suffer from hair loss caused by chemotherapy. The wig is made with a four-by-four-treated lace with mono silk and lace front to assume the shape of a natural hairline.

4. Stock wholesale medical wigs

This medical wig is made with soft material that creates comfortability for the wearer’s head. The wig is made with the user’s specifications to ensure that it fits perfectly on the scalp.

 Men’s wigs for baldness

  • BH6 Injected thin skin hair system

This skin hair system is specifically made to meet particular specifications as per the user. This type of wig is ideal for upkeep due to its thickness of 0.08mm.

  • BH1 wholesale skin hair system for men

Skin hair systems have grown in popularity among makers of thin-skin toupees due to their realistic appearance and low cost. Our best-selling men’s stock hair system is the BH1 0.08mm thin skin toupee. Americans and the British are among its most ardent supporters. It has become a hot commodity among younger clients. The BH1 is available in large quantities, both in stock and custom-built.

  • BH3 Ultra-thin skin hair

This is one of the most popular toupee models. The BH3 Skin measures 0.03mm in thickness and runs the length of the body. It is airy and breathable, in addition to its undetected nature. Custom orders are also available for toupees with extremely thin Skin.

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