Myevri Scam {Aug 2022} Read About The News And Beware!

Latest News Myevri Scam

This article offers information about the viral Myevri Scam and other relevant details about it.

Have you ever been scammed online? Phishing is one of the most common methods used by scammers to get personal details from users. Recently, another similar scam is proving to be quite troublesome. 

The queries concerning this scam have made Myevri Scam trendy. This scam targets users in the United Kingdom, and they’re interested in knowing more details about this scam. Keep reading this article if you’re interested in knowing more about the same.

Details about The Myevri

Let’s look at the relevant details about the working of this scam and how its fooling users below.

  • Evri is the name of a multinational delivery company that’s headquartered in Leeds in the UK.
  • In this scam, users get a message from the scammers claiming to be from Evri.
  • The text message received in this viral Myevri Scam informs users in the United Kingdom that delivery was attempted at their address which was unable to complete.
  • The users must pay a small redelivery fee to deliver their package later.
  • The text asks users to click on a link to pay this small fee and arrange the redelivery of the parcel.
  • As one can guess, this link is a phishing link to a fake Evri website where scammers steal all the sensitive information entered on the website, including the payment details used to pay the fee.

Myevri Scam

  • Scammers pretty commonly use such techniques to trick users.
  • There are likely several scammers using the name of reputed brands and companies to steal users’ data and information.
  • Phishing is one of the most common techniques used by scammers in internet scams.
  • This Evri scam has been going on for years, and there’s a chance there may be more than one scammer pulling this scheme.

How to avoid such scams?

Avoiding such scams is quite simple. Let’s look at some relevant information below.

  • Users must always verify the authenticity of such texts, emails or calls to avoid falling prey to Myevri Scam.
  • Users should avoid clicking on suspicious links as they may extract sensitive details or install malware on their devices.
  • Users can also verify the authenticity of these texts by calling the official customer support of these services.

Final Thoughts

Phishing scams are pretty standard and often prove to be quite troublesome for users if they’re not careful while surfing the internet. Recently, a phishing scam using the name of Evri is fooling users and has become quite trendy. We have mentioned all the information about its working and other relevant details about the Myevri Scam. Read more about this scam here. 

Have you encountered any similar scam on the internet? Have you also encountered the Evri scam? Kindly share your thoughts on this scam and our information in the comments. 

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