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This post on Nathan Cotter Orsini will guide our readers about the severe death-causing disease of Nathan Cotter.

Do you know the reason behind the death of Nathan Cotter? He was born on 11 November 1994 in Florida, United States. He was diagnosed with brain cancer on his 20th birthday when he was in the second year of his graduation. He was the son of Daniel J. and Christa Orsini who shifted to Belvidere in 2001. He was the brother of Hannah J. Orsini.

This post on Nathan Cotter Orsini will inform our readers about his deadly disease. Kindly read this post to know more about it.c

Who was Nathan Cotter? 

While he was ill, Nathan served as the head coach of the Independence Comet girl’s travel soccer team. He was an enthusiastic soccer player and spectator. He loved ballroom dancing, mountaineering, spelunking, and rock climbing. On his 20th birthday, he was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), a malignant brain tumour that is extremely rare and incurable. 

Many of his college friends, instructors, and parents lit candles and laid flowers on the grave as a memorial. Numerous newspapers and magazines published the Nathan Orsini obituary. He received many condolences messages from his friends and professors. 

Nathan Cotter's academic achievements?

At Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Nathan Cotter enrolled for his second year of education. He played on the boys’ soccer team and belonged to the National Honor Society. Additionally, he competed against the New Jersey State Boys. He participated in the Quinnipiac Honors Program, for which he was also recognised with numerous academic honours during his time in college. He once said at a speech that he would celebrate turning 20 by consuming his first drink under legal restrictions.

Nathan Cotter Orsini‘s personality

He has a fierce determination and strong will. He approached his sickness with a lot of optimism. He kept in touch with his friends and family at all occasions while on his journey. His family and friends planned a surprise party for him to commemorate his 20th birthday, which was when he first drank alcohol legally. They are aware of how much he relies on them as he was fighting brain cancer. He never wanted to be thought of as a cancer patient. No matter if he was getting radiation, chemo, or just watching Netflix, he kept a positive attitude and didn’t dwell on his situation.

Nathan Cotter’s family background 

Nathan Cotter Orsini was the son of Daniel J. and Christa Orsini who were natives of Florida, who shifted to Belvidere in 2001. He was also the great-grandson of Hildegard W. Cotter, William H. Cotter, Jr., and Jane Orsini. His brother was Hannah J. Orsini.


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