Neal Currey Kids: Is Casey His Wife? Check Details Of His Funeral And Cause of Death!

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This post on Neal Currey kids talks about the life of Neal Currey and what led to his dreadful death. Keep reading and explore the actual details.

Do you know about social media gun influencers? Do you know the former army ranger who took five tours in Iraq and Afghanistan? Both of these questions have the same answer- Neal Currey. His wife has taken the sad news to social media that he has passed away. The supposed death of the army ranger was on September 10, 2022. This news has created a lot of chaos in the United States. Neal and his wife lived in Lindon, Utah, and raised their child. 

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Who was Neal Currey? 

Neal Currey was a former army ranger. He was 42 years old and had a wife and one kid from that marriage. Both he and his wife had children before their marriages, and they raised them together. In total they have four children to raise.

Neal has done five tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. From all the social media accounts, one can conclude that he had a pro-gun ideology and did not fear showcasing his views on public platforms. After retiring from the army, he started portraying his views on instagram, and his social media accounts blew up. Neal Currey funeral has been scheduled on September 16, 2022. 

The news about his death was given by his wife, Casey. She took it to instagram on September 10. She put a heartfelt post, and people have been conveying their condolences to Casey. The cause of the death is still unknown. However, it is said that it will be conveyed in the viewing that will take place on September 16. 

All of their friends and family in Utah are distraught and heartbroken. The Currey family were loved by their neighbors, and keen admirers of guns and outdoors. They ran the Ready gunner shop, which was very popular. 

What happened to Neal Currey Wife Casey Currey kids?

As mentioned, Neal Currey had one child with his wife, Casey, who they raised together. However, this was their second marriage, and they had children before marriage. They raised the four children together. They ran a Ready gunner shop which over time became very popular, and people were always looking forward to using the products from their shop. This is how they supported the family. The family is devastated by this loss and still reeling and mourning for him. Neal Currey Cause of Death remains unknown. 


In summation of the post, it can be said that Neal Currey was a former army ranger. He took five trips to Afghanistan and Iraq. He retired and stayed with his wife, Casey, and children in Utah. He ran a successful Ready gunner shop. He died on September 10, 2022. His funeral will be held on September 16. To know more, please check for Neal Currey 

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