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Newmexicodelivers com article provides the details of the website and reasons for creating this government website with its legitimacy test results.

Are you aware of the upcoming governor’s elections? What are the different ways to start a campaign? People from the United States are eagerly waiting for the upcoming Governor elections. To gain the people’s trust, many politicians participate in many rallies, events, etc. So Michelle Lujan Grisham has chosen a different way. Here is the article which discusses about Newmexicodelivers com website 

Objectives of the website

It is a government website that was created for the election campaign. The main objective of this website is to deliver information regarding the democratic governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, and her achievements as a governor of New Mexico. It displays Michelle’s work towards the welfare of the people.

According to online sources, some Republican candidates have criticized her, claiming she has done nothing for the people. So to appease people and republicans, she created this website as proof of her election campaign. Elections are planned to be held on November 8, 2022.

What is

As it is a government website, people think its domain name will end But the domain name ends, but people are searching for the .gov website. Unfortunately, there is no website called newmexicodelivers ending with the domain GOV. 

So the real domain created for the election campaign was the domain name that ends website is unavailable on the internet. So people should go to the true website because some websites may steal personal information for election purposes.

Features of the website 

The website is also created for displaying their party agendas. Newmexicodelivers com website provides detailed information about Michelle’s propaganda. They are

  • Economic relief worth $1500.
  • Tuition- free  higher  education
  • Most families can avail of free child care.
  • reduced regulatory reforms for businesses,
  • All Mexican workers are entitled to up to 64 hours of paid sick leave.
  • Cut down on the tax on social security benefits.
  • Expanding the tax credits for working families
  • high-quality universal preschool program.

Additionally, people can gift or contribute to Michelle. Those contributions will be used for election purposes only.

Legitimacy assessment

It is important to assess the legitimacy of a website Newmexicodelivers com. Michelle Lujan Grisham created a website that ends with the domain; she posted this website on her Facebook timeline. People commented on the post regarding the website. She is the 32nd governor of New Mexico, having actively been in politics for 18 years. 

So, she won’t create an illegitimate website as she is a government official. The website seems legitimate with a valid SSL certificate, and it was registered on April 13, 2022. But it has only a 1% trust index. Still, comments regarding them can be seen on Facebook. So it is a potentially legitimate website.


Thus the article Newmexicodelivers com provided the details of the website .Many people claim that social media and certain websites manipulate people into voting for specific parties. Some websites even track their personal information. 

People must be cautious during election season and exercise their democratic rights properly. Elect a suitable governor for themselves. For more information about the website.

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