NoBroker Sofa Cleaning Services Review Delhi – My Sofa Looks As Good As New After Cleaning!

Complete Information About NoBroker Sofa Cleaning Services Review Delhi

With the festive season approaching, I searched for a professional sofa cleaning service in Delhi. Every year, before Diwali, Indian households thoroughly clean their homes. It is a tedious process, so we often hire local cleaners to do the job. But this time, I had special guests coming over for Diwali, so I wanted my living room crystal clear. The sofa we have at home hasn’t been cleaned since its installation. It had started emitting a foul smell, and you could see multiple stains on it. It can harm your health as the sofa is the most used piece of furniture at home. It would have been embarrassing if NoBroker sofa cleaning services in Delhi didn’t come to my rescue.

How I Came to Know About NoBroker Sofa Cleaning Services in Delhi

I was visiting my colleague from the office and was stunned to see her home sparkling like a newly constructed apartment. I wondered how she managed to clean the house with such a tight schedule. She suggested seeking professional help and recommended NoBroker home cleaning services in Delhi. I immediately downloaded their app and went on to schedule an appointment. It was super easy to navigate through the app; you can also use the website version. There was a list of cleaning services to choose from. I booked the sofa cleaning services in Delhi as I had planned to get it cleaned for a long time.

How Was My Experience with NoBroker Sofa Cleaning Services?

Punctuality is the one thing I look for after hiring professionals for any work. To my delight, NoBroker’s cleaning professionals came on time and did not bother me with unnecessary calls. They were super professional, knew what they were doing and did not disturb me during the cleaning process because they were highly skilled. I had a good experience and would recommend NoBroker home cleaning services in Delhi to anyone seeking professional cleaning services.

5 Reasons To Hire NoBroker Sofa Cleaning Services In Delhi


The cleaning partners were thorough professionals who understood the work and did not make a mess in my living room while cleaning. They knew how to use each of their tools and cleaning agents. They brought everything from cleaning supplies to wiping cloth with them and did not for once bother me.


Many people believe that professional cleaning services would be super expensive, which is true for some companies, but this was not the case with NoBroker sofa cleaning services in Delhi. They have a transparent approach and mention every detail of the bill generated based on what service you are taking. There were no hidden charges, and the charges were made clear before booking the service.


My sofa cover is velvet fabric and requires gentle cleansers because the harsh ones would ruin the surface. The NoBroker team asked me the details of my furniture beforehand and made sure they chose the gentlest yet effective cleaning agents to clean my sofa. If you have a similar problem, NoBroker sofa cleaning services in Delhi would be the best choice. You can read the NoBroker paid service review online to verify what I said.


I am so sceptical about hygiene, especially after covid-19, as I have small kids in the house. I was super concerned about whether I made the right choice, so I read NoBroker paid service reviews online and found favourable reviews. NoBrokers’ cleaning partners used masks and gloves along with the whole protective kit while doing the job. They even used sanitisers to clean the surfaces later.


Sofa cleaning is a long process. It requires dusting, washing, scrubbing and drying. So, it generally takes long hours of dedication. NoBroker’s cleaning partners carried out everything smoothly and on time. The process was over in a few hours, and my sofa looked as good as a new one. They invested a calculated time for every step and ensured that nothing was left out.

Overall, I must say that finding a highly rated sofa cleaning service provider in Delhi was quite tough but thanks to NoBroker, my sofa looks as good as new! From my little experience, I can certainly suggest NoBroker for sofa cleaning services in Delhi and if you are interested toom you may book home cleaning services by visiting

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