Norton 360 Total Protection Email Scam {Aug} Read Here!

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Wondering about the Norton 360 Total Protection Email Scam? Here are all the details. 

Do you also use Norton Antivirus Software on your computer? And do you know some fraudsters also use Norton for scams? 

You read it correctly! Over the years, as Norton became a popular antimalware software in the United States, the UK and other countries, so did the number of fraudsters who use the company’s name to scam people. There have been multiple reports of Norton 360 Total Protection Email Scam, and today, we are here to inform you about the same.

About the latest Norton Email Scam:

Norton company has always enlightened its customers and users to beware of fake emails claiming to be from them. There have been multiple reports about people getting scammed by Norton’s emails.

In April 2022, the UK Action Fraud team received 110 reports for fake Norton emails over only one week. Norton’s official website informs the customers of ways to confirm whether a given Norton email is legit or not.

How to confirm a Norton 360 Total Protection Email Scam?

Although there is not much difference between a Norton legit email and a Norton Scam email, there are a few ways with which you can confirm this. You can visit the official Norton website and check the list of email domains with which the Norton company sends its emails. 

If the email you have received is not listed on the website, it is probably a scam. You must know that the Norton company emails never threaten customers, call bogus customer support, or urge you to click on a link. The Norton 360 Total Protection Email Scam may look legit, but you can spot errors, misspellings, urgency or threats to differentiate it from a legit Norton email.

About Norton:

Norton 360 or other Norton Antivirus software is developed by the Norton Life Lock company, founded in 1982. The company was known as the Symantec Corporation until its rebranding in 2019. Headquartered in Arizona, United States, Norton develops and provides cybersecurity software and services.

Its product line includes Norton Family, Norton360, Norton Security, and Norton Mobile Security, among others. Forbes recently reviewed Norton and called out its excellent, solid and 100% malware protection.

Some FAQs:

Q1. How does Norton 360 Total Protection Email Scam work?

A1. Scammers send emails saying your subscription has expired or its due for renewal. They may ask you to click on a link to renew the subscription or call fake customer support to steal your personal information.

Q2. How to know if a Norton 360 email is legit or fake?

A2. If you are suspicious of a Norton email, you can always log in to the membership portal online and confirm whether the subscription has expired or not. You can also confirm the email’s domain through Norton’s official website.

Q3. Can I report a Norton 360 scam email?

A3. You can report or forward the suspicious email to Norton at

Final Words:

We hope you have received details on Norton 360 Total Protection Email Scam. Scammers impersonate top reputed brands to lure customers and steal their personal information. We always ask our readers to beware of online scams and report them immediately. You can visit this official Twitter page of Norton for more details

Have you read this write-up? And for any further queries, reach out in the comment section.

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