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Latest News Obituary Rannita Williams
The post will present data on Obituary Rannita Williams based on our inquiry into her tragic death.

What transpired with Rannita Williams? A flood of emotions and condolences have been sent online in response to the awful news concerning this woman. Locals in Canada and its vicinity are horrified. This post-Obituary Rannita Williams  will give our readers information about her life and the tragic incident that led to the catastrophe.

Please read this post to learn more about Rannita’s life or any developments on her memorial service. We will include those details on this webpage.

What Happened To Rannita Williams?

Rannita Williams was born in Louisiana. She had three kids. She was murdered in her home along Natalie Lane near Shreveport on April 12th.

Williams was allegedly broadcasting on Facebook as her boyfriend walked around her just moments before her ex murdered her. Rannita Williams’ memorial service was held on April 21st.

Obituary Rannita Williams

27-year-old Shreveport, Louisiana resident Rannita Williams had been born and raised there. She attended High School near Shreveport as well as managed to grad. Damaya, Kimmy, & Jada are her three kids. She appeared to be doing fine at the moment the event occurred.

Rannita is described as a brilliant and modest woman by those who meet her. She had started functioning as a hairstylist and interior decorator to get by.

She got gunned down with a gun somewhere last day by a person she recognized at residence. She was shot in the upper torso and knees. 

Keep reading this Obituary Rannita Williams, for further information.

Details On Rannita Williams Murder

Problems involving the former partner, Johnathan Robinson, were to blame for the occurrence. When he returned to the house, he requested to apologize for the identical problem via Facebook. Rannita apologizes inside the 3-minute clip since several rounds are fired. Later, immediately after the visual feed got shut off, a silhouette was seen brandishing a firearm.

Williams was hurt inside the residence when police departments nearby tried to break up Robinson’s confrontation. When the paramedics brought her to the clinic, she got pronounced deceased.

More About Obituary Rannita Williams

The couple allegedly dated sporadically for a few years, eventually breaking up 2 years before this event. Jonathan dated a different woman after that. He claimed he objected to Rannita making fun of his brand-new partner. When Jonathan barged into her house and kidnapped her, the brother seemed to be able to flee and contact the authorities. In the gunfight, a cop was reportedly hurt. 

Unfortunately, it took Jonathan’s imprisonment before Rannita could’ve been transferred to the infirmary. Continue reading till the end to know more.


As we close with this Obituary Rannita Williams, we pray for consolation for her friends and family. In conclusion, a minor misunderstanding led to Rannita’s ex-boyfriend shooting her. The accused has been charged with numerous offenses, and a recent series also emphasizes this. To learn more about the charges, go to.

What do you believe? Please let us know, and we’ll keep you updated on any new information.

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