4 Ways to Start a Personal Training Business

Top 4 Ways to Start a Personal Training Business

Starting a personal training business will be an exciting journey for every fitness professional but also a tough one as there are many elements to consider. Usually, it takes years of hard work to have a successful personal training business, and not all personal trainers make it. You may have the necessary skills, but you also need business skills if you want to survive in the competitive fitness industry. 

There are so many things that you need to put in place and consider – the most important is to have access to personal training software once you have established your personal training business. Personal training software is an app for personal trainers to track clients. This application will help you to manage all the aspects of your personal training business efficiently, thereby reducing your workload and keeping your business up and running. 

Before you get access to personal training software, you need to have clients, and before you can get clients, you need to have established a successful personal training business. For your clients to trust you, it is important that you have done the basics of starting a personal training business. Luckily, personal training software improves client relationships and retention. This article outlines the four essential steps you need to take to build a sustainable and successful personal training business. 

The Four Essential Steps You Need

  • Get Certified 

Your potential clients will only go for and choose a personal trainer that is certified and has the necessary accreditations. When your personal training business complies with the law, you ensure your client’s safety and prevent your personal trainer licence from being cancelled. Also, you may end up paying expensive fines if you do not comply with the law, so it is better for you to save yourself from all that trouble. 

You will need to acquire the necessary accreditations and certifications and ensure that you follow all the governing regulations for owning a fitness business. You must do your research to know the different organizations that offer courses you need to get certified. Lastly, ensure that you get a personal training certificate and accreditation from a nationally recognized program. 

  • Register Your Personal Training Business 

There are four different business structures in the United States, namely partnership, limited liability, sole proprietorship, and corporation. You should check whichever applies to you and register your business as that. If you decide to register your business as a sole proprietorship, there will be no legal significance between the business owner and the business. So, the business should be registered as a limited liability company – or any other entity above sole proprietorship – and get liability insurance. 

You should also get a business licence as you will need one to operate your personal training business. Register your business name with your state revenue agency and through your state government. 

  • Market Your Business 

One way to attract clients to your personal training business is by marketing your business and the services you offer. It is vital that your personal training business has an online presence because technology will go a long way in getting you what you want. This includes social media accounts – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others – and a website. Your potential clients should be able to access your website from your social media platforms to check the services you offer and the different payment packages. 

It would help if you tried to find out the different methods other personal training businesses have tried and what worked for them. Do your research, make a list and get to market your business. 

  • Personal Training Software 

Now, you are ready to begin training your clients and helping them to achieve their fitness goals. The secret to having a sustainable and successful personal training business is ensuring client retention. Through client retention, your old clients will stay and recommend your services to anyone in need of it. Nobody wants to hire a personal trainer who keeps losing clients, so you must ensure they stay. 

Following up and communicating with your clients consistently is a great way to engage them – they should also be able to communicate with you whenever they want. You should check to see if they enjoy your services and track their progress. You can also add online training alongside in-person training – clients should have access to online workouts accompanied by videos for days when you will not be available to attend to them in person.

You can do all the things mentioned above and even more with personal training software. It allows you to manage payments and bookings, send automated messages to clients, keep track of their progress, and much more. With this application, managing your personal training business will be a walk in the park for you.


Starting a personal training business is not easy, but when you know the right steps to follow, your job will be much easier. Remember that the best personal training software will allow you to handle consultation, booking, and management of your personal training business easily and efficiently.

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