Excellent Physical Therapy Performance Training in Raleigh North Carolina

Complete Information About Excellent Physical Therapy Performance Training in Raleigh North Carolina

If you are an athlete, or if you just want to perform better in the gym, physical therapy can help. Many people think that PT is just to help recover from injuries, but it also helps people improve their strength, balance, coordination, and speed. When looking for physical therapy in Raleigh, NC, look for someone who helps improve athletic performance if you want to see effective gains.

Improve Your Performance

When it comes to PT performance training, there are a number of things the therapist will focus on. To start, the physical therapist measures your strength, endurance, power, and other baselines. This helps him or her know where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and it helps come up with an individualized plan.

The customized performance program depends on various factors, such as if there are any injuries present, if there is a specific sport the client is training for, and the client’s goals. The client may work on exercises, speed training, rehabilitation, or injury prevention.

Finding Your Performance Trainer

When searching for Fayetteville physical therapy that focuses on performance training, look for a therapist who works consistently with athletes and those who want to improve their athletic performance.

The trainer should first find out what your goals are and what your history with exercise is. After performing the initial assessment, the trainer will recommend a plan for improved performance. He or she will also explain what to expect from the sessions so you can plan accordingly.

When it comes to performance training, nutrition is also important. The trainer will discuss your current diet and eating habits and put together a nutrition plan for you to follow.

Performance-Based Services

The individualized program outlined by your trainer will be made up of a variety of services to improve overall performance. If you have past injuries, or are dealing with current ones, the first goal is to heal them. Some of the things you may experience include:

  • Manual physical therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Soft tissue mobilization
  • Blood flow restricted training
  • Orthopedics

There are even treatments aimed specifically for certain injuries, such as knee, shoulder, hand, wrist, tennis elbow, neck, and back. There are also rehabilitation exercises to help heal athletes such as runners, dancers, and golfers.

Once the injuries have healed, then the trainer will work with you to improve athletic performance. Exercises and drills work on improving balance, coordination, speed, agility, and aerobic capacity. The trainer will also work with you to prevent future injuries, especially if you play sports that have repetitive movements.

To get the most out of your physical therapy sessions, you should understand that it is not a one-time thing. Improving performance takes time and effort, and your plan will probably be for weeks or even months. Your trainer may also give you exercises to do at home in between your training sessions at the gym. However, putting in the work not only makes you a better athlete, but it improves your overall health and gives you the tools to use for years.

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