Pilot Project Moves Speed Signs to the Middle of the Road

Last summer, a pilot project in the City of Ottawa moved reduce speed-zone signs to a new and unexpected location – the middle of the road – in an effort to get motorists to take more notice the signs and, hopefully, obey them.

Learn more about this new strategy after the break.

The pilot project tested the signs as a low-cost way of keeping drivers from speeding through low-speed zones. The yellow signs stand about a meter and a half tall. They are permanently affixed the street, but flexible, to be durable despite being exposed to motor vehicle traffic.

The idea was borrowed from the City of Montreal, where it has been found effective in reducing vehicle speeds. The City of Ottawa kept the signs up until the Winter, at which point they were removed to facilitate snow removal; this Spring, evaluation of the pilot project’s impact will determine whether the program should be continued or expanded. Stay tuned.

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