What to Know Before Planning Micro Weddings

What to Know Before Planning Micro Weddings

While we all face the pandemic limitations on everything including social gatherings, the interest in micro weddings is on the rise. If you just invite a few dozen guests, you will be able to save your funds and avoid unnecessary stress. 

What is a micro wedding and how does it work? This option has recently become a popular form of celebration for many Canadian couples searching for a more meaningful wedding day. Keep on reading to learn more about the pros and cons of this celebration.

What Is a Micro Wedding?

This is a type of celebration with a few dozen guests – you may invite 50 or fewer people to the ceremony.  Even a couple of years ago the average Canadian wedding had around 150 guests. The COVID-19 restrictions allow consumers to have a more intimate ceremony with only the closest relatives and friends. While the guest list is shorter, you can also save your money. Of course, each person has the right to choose the type of wedding they dream about.

Micro weddings are becoming more and more widespread. People want to save costs as thousands of Canadians live from paycheck to paycheck and often rely on 24/7 payday loans Alberta. Such loans offer quick funding for two or three weeks, but if you want to finance the upcoming wedding, you will need to take out a personal loan.

Is This Wedding Cheaper?

If you have a short guest list you need to pay less for all the associated costs. As a result, a micro wedding is more cost-effective. Of course, the budget even for the smallest wedding may easily go sideways and increase. 

But if your spending isn’t driven by emotions and you plan the expenses, you will be able to save your funds. It doesn’t make sense to request a lending option and get a mountain of debt just to spend a few hours of your life. Remember that the marriage is what actually matters, not the wedding ceremony.

The average expenses of a typical Canadian wedding were about $29,059 CAD two years ago, mentions the Wedding Wire’s report. Those who seek ways to trim costs and make this day more intimate can take advantage of the micro wedding. The typical micro wedding may cost from $15,000 to $25,000. 

It doesn’t mean you won’t need to spend anything, but your expenses may lower significantly. On the other hand, a lot of costs, such as videographer, the DJ, or photographer, will cost the same regardless of the number of guests.

Top Micro Wedding Tips

Are you interested in making a micro wedding? Here are the best pieces of advice on how to organize it.

  • Don’t Overcompensate

Some couples feel the pressure that they need to offer more to their guests only because they plan a small ceremony. So, they may decide to add expenses or upgrade the meal plans for the guests. This is a common mistake as if you compensate just because you don’t make a huge gathering, you will end up paying the same costs or even more. 

It’s useless to acquire loans and get into debt if you are willing to have a few close friends and relatives with you on this important day. It’s better to utilize your savings for more important things and plans such as your honeymoon.

  • Spend Quality Time with Guests

A wonderful option is to connect with your guests and save your money by making a more intimate and smaller wedding celebration. Don’t feel the pressure to spend a lot of funds on unnecessary things to please your friends and relatives. This is the day of your dreams so make it a pleasant experience for you and your fiancée. It would be great to have positive memories with all your guests and spend quality time with them with nice conversations.

  • Try to DIY

You can try some DIY projects to cut costs for the wedding. Why don’t you make some décor or use Pinterest boards to get some inspiration? It is a suitable option for low-budget weddings if the couple doesn’t want to spend too much or can’t afford to purchase everything. Instead of hiring a videographer, you may ask your best friend or family members to make short clips. 

Another expensive cost is hiring a florist. While every bride-to-be dreams of having beautiful bouquets of flowers, there is no need to take out a loan for that. You may buy some flowers from the local florist or purchase them from a wholesaler like Costco. 

You can get bunches of perfect flowers for your wedding bouquets as well as flowers for the vases on the tables. It’s wonderful to decorate the tables with greenery, candles, centerpieces, and napkins yourself. It can save you more than $2,000 in rentals and florals.

Building a Wedding Budget

What is the average cost of a wedding? Those who haven’t planned their wedding yet may be interested in the amount they should save for this purpose. The last thing you want to have is a mountain of debt because you want to cover all the costs and have a perfect celebration. 

The three biggest costs for weddings are venue and catering, photography, and décor. Venue and catering will take up 50% of your budget; flowers and décor will eat up 10% to 18%, and photography can cost up to 20%. The other costs will be associated with flowers, clothing, etc. Try to sit down and break down your expenses in these categories. Make sure you add transportation, stationary, and attire costs as well as your honeymoon expenses.

The Bottom Line

It’s important not just to plan your wedding costs but also to keep track of this spending. Split the expenses into each spending category including venue, décor, flowers, photography, transportation, etc. Don’t overcompensate, spend quality time with your guests, and try some DIY to minimize spending. Planning a micro wedding can help you save a lot of funds and make this day quite affordable.

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