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Pool Enclosure: You can find nothing more relaxing than a dip in the backyard pool on a hot summer day. Enjoying the pool with family and friends are refreshing for a fun weekend, but if you spend hours under the sun without protection, it might cause some damage to your skin. Applying sunscreen and other lotions on your skin is necessary, but that is not enough—the pool enclosures are a permanent and easy solution for this problem. This enclosure will be beneficial when you want to chill around the pool and relax, and you won’t have to apply sunscreen all the time when you want to spend time in the pool.

An enclosure around the pool will automatically make your backyard an area to hang out and have fun. All of your friends will prefer your place to hang out during the weekend. And these are just a few of the several benefits of having this enclosure. The benefits also depend on the size and type of the enclosure—some people prefer partial coverage, and some prefer full pool coverage. 

Some attach the enclosure to their house as well—making it easier to reach the pool without exposing yourself to the sun.

This article will list the benefits of having a pool enclosure in your backyard.

Benefits of pool enclosures:

  • Comfortable setting

These enclosures are designed for maximum enjoyment and relaxation. You can lie down and relax under the shade for hours without exposing your skin to the sun. You will get enough light inside to enjoy the view, but the intensity (of light) will be low. You can enjoy the aesthetics of sunshine, clouds, and nature around.

  • Safety from the rays and theft

The sun is a great source of life and energy, but it also emits UV rays, one of the leading causes of skin conditions like cancer. Even a slight increase in the intensity of the light can cause sunburn, especially in children. You can install pool enclosures to avoid all these issues. Today’s manufacturers ensure that these enclosures have UV protection features.

It is not just the UV rays that you must be careful about—if your poolside had furnishings and other items, those items will be vulnerable to theft. But, these enclosures are made of strong glasses and aluminium frames that can even withstand storms. If you live in a locality where weather conditions and theft are an issue, an enclosure is necessary.

  • Maintenance becomes easy

Sometimes, the cleaning of the pool takes hours to days. And if you live in an area with many trees, you must be tired of cleaning the pool daily. It doesn’t matter how good the pool looks; regular maintenance is necessary once the leaves start falling. If you cannot do the regular cleaning, you will hire someone, which is expensive. But an enclosure will solve all these problems and reduce the cleaning frequency from daily to monthly. 

If you plan to sell your property in future, the pool enclosure will be an excellent reason to increase the value. It is hard to find a home with an enclosure that protects the pool and backyard from dirt/dust and theft. You could sell the property for a few more thousand dollars if you got an enclosure over your pool.

  • Versatile and customisable

The enclosures come in a variety of designs and styles. You can get an enclosure covering the entire pool or one that covers just one side of the pool. You can also choose the types that connect to your living space to set up a bar or kitchen for barbeque nights. You can also attach various accessories/structures such as pergolas, vinyl rooms, roof overs, siding, etc., to your enclosure.

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