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Complete Information Power Tools all Contractors Use

Power Tools all Contractors Use: If you’re getting a job in contracting, whatever niche you’re focussing in, you’ll need power tools. These are items that will allow you to get certain specialised tasks done to a high standard, very quickly. If you can perform a perfect crosscut with the help of a power-saw, then why would you ever bother with a handsaw? This goes especially if you’re working in carpentry.

There are certain tools that just about every contractor will need access to. It’s better to invest in high-quality versions of each of these from the outset. That way, you know that your work isn’t going to be interrupted by premature failure, and that the quality of your work is going to be consistently excellent.

Circular Saw

This is a lightweight saw with an extremely powerful motor, relative to its size. It’ll perform long rip cuts without much difficulty, and it comes with an adjustable blade height. Watch out for kickback – this is a tool that can be dangerous if mishandled.

Electric Screwdriver

In recent years, the construction industry has embraced larger fasteners that work well with an impact driver. These are much, much preferable to a drill, thanks to the torque they provide. Get one and don’t look back.

Oscillating Tool

This versatile piece of equipment moves a small metal blade back and forth very quickly. They can be a godsend when you need to attack a piece from an awkward angle. They’re also very safe, since there isn’t torque enough to slice through your finger. DeWalt oscillating tools tend to be the best available.

Rotary Hammer

If you need to get through concrete, then you need a rotary hammer drill. They’ll deliver huge impact force in a back-and-forth motion, rather then spinning round and round. They’re also great for prising tiles off walls and floors.

Angle Grinder

An angle grinder uses an abrasive disk, which spins extremely fast. It’s designed to push its way through metal or masonry. They’re great for cutting, sanding, polishing, and – of course – grinding. You can find different kinds of disc attachment, including super-soft ones that you can use to polish your car.

Disc Sander

A random-orbital sander will move a fixed disc around in such a way that it doesn’t leave any recognisable pattern on the surface you’re trying to smooth. As such, it’s preferable to hand-sanding, or any other kind of electric sanding.

Air Compressor

If you’re going to be using a nail gun, then you need an air compressor. A nail gun won’t just allow you to get the job done quicker – it’ll also eliminate the potential for sloppiness that comes from a hammer.


This device is essential if you’re looking to cut precise lines that aren’t straight, or when you need to be precise about your cuts in a confined space, like a garage or loft.

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