Bonaccord Elementary

School Summary

Bonaccord Elementary is a relatively smaller Surrey school situated in the calm community of Johnston Heights. With two existing crosswalks on both sides of the school entrance and a connected community pathway network, Bonaccord offers safe and connected infrastructure to support walking to school. Best Route Walking Maps have been instrumental in informing the new pathway improvements and encouraging the school community to explore these existing walking routes to and from School. Bike to School Week was a huge success thanks to the support of key teachers and youth leadership students. Continued campaign support along with the addition of Walking Wednesdays will help support the continue excitement and new behaviour.

School Travel Planning Actions

  • Best Routes to School Walking Map
  • Large Walking & Cycling banners painted
  • Bike to School Week Contest & Prizes
  • New crosswalk and path in school catchment
  • Cool Routes to School Youth Leadership projects & school assembly