Fraser Wood Elementary

School Summary

Fraser Wood Elementary is situated in a relatively affluent suburban community with several supportive traffic infrastructure installments, such as a pick-up drop-off bay, signage and an adult supervised crosswalk. The school community is connected by park pathways, yet given the proximity of vehicle commuter routes many parents are dropping their children off on their way to work, causing high traffic congestion in front of the school and in adjacent cul-de-sacs. Messaging and campaigns have been geared towards cul-de-sac pedestrian safety and encouraging more families to choose walking and cycling to school.

School Travel Planning Actions

  • Pick-up Drop-off teacher supervision
  • Best Routes to School Walking Map
  • Large Walking & Cycling banners painted
  • Bike to School Week Contest & Prizes
  • New pedestrian calmed crosswalk
  • Cool Routes to School Youth Leadership projects & school assembly

Walking & Biking Success (2012-2013)

  • Decreased driving to school by 5%
  • Decreased driving from school by 10% Increased walking by 6%
  • Cycling increased from 36 trips a week to 80 trips per week.
  • Family driving habits to & from school have decreased by 29%-32%
  • Perceived traffic volume outside of school decreased by 32%
  • 93% Perceived their community to be safe
  • 98% support ongoing School Travel Planning efforts

Parent Testimonials:

“My kid shared everything at school with me when we walked from school”

“I and my child walk to school every day except bad weather like snow. We always spend 15 minutes from home to school by walk. We can breathe fresh air and enjoy beautiful view along the road. It's always happy things for us.”

“I talked to other parents whose kids are taking the same path to school to meet there so our kids can share walk to school and it would encourage them to go to school in the morning. Sometimes we make agreement for kids biking to school. If I have troubles in the morning to make my child go to school, I can cheer him up saying: ' Hey, your friend is biking to school today, would you like to jump to your bike too and meet him on the path?' It's always works out”