K.B. Woodward Elementary

School Summary

K.B. Woodward Elementary situated in the heart of Whalley is uniquely challenged with high community safety concerns in addition to being apart of rapid new development changes and growth. Despite these challenges, Principal Morelli has been a fearless champion for bikes to build a new safe and connected school community for his students.

School Travel Planning Actions

  • Bike Festival & Community Dinner funded by Heart & Stroke Foundation
  • Four New Bicycle Racks!
  • New Parking Signage
  • Unsightly lawn/home removal
  • Designated Park & Walk 500m from School
  • Best Routes to School Walking Map
  • Bike to School Week Contest & Prizes
  • iWalk Pancake breakfast
  • Bike Pool  (Students cycling in groups to School lead by lead Teacher)
  • Cool Routes to School Youth Leadership projects & school assembly

Walking & Biking Success (2012-2013)

  • Active travel to and from school increased by 12-14%
  • Family driving habits to and from school have decreased by 37%
  • Perceived traffic volume outside of school decreased by 37%
  • 97% support ongoing School Travel Planning efforts

"Before this process I honestly considered removing the bicycle racks last year, no one was using them. Now, if this keeps up, Ill be calling the school district instead to add more!" – Surrey School District Principal

Media: K.B Woodward was featured in the 2014 Caring for the Air Report: http://www.metrovancouver.org/services/air-quality/AirQualityPublications/Caring_for_the_Air-MV2014.pdf