School Travel Planning in Nanaimo

In the winter of 2018, HASTe was hired by the City of Nanaimo to work with four elementary schools in the City’s north end. The Nanaimo Ladysmith Public School District made the difficult decision to close one of its schools in the Summer of 2018. As a result, HASTe staff are implementing the School Travel Planning process on a compressed timeline to help students find safe and active ways of travelling to their new schools in the fall.

HASTe staff are working with a number of community partners to encourage and support Nanaimo students to walk or cycle to school. These partners include the City of Nanaimo, School District 68, SChool PACs/Active Travel Committees and Administrations, as well as ICBC, RDN Transit, the RCMP, Island Health, and the Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society.

Schools undergoing the School Travel Planning process in 2018 include:

School community members on an early morning walkabout at Frank J Ney elementary