School Travel Planning in North Vancouver

In 2013, a survey was conducted in partnership with the School District and the District of North Vancouver to better understand issues specific to the areas surrounding the schools and to determine how students currently get to school. City staff and RCMP reviewed each public elementary school zone while considering the results of the survey, and school administration were consulted to identify which schools would be most appropriate to expand the Safe and Active School Travel Program for the 2014/2015 school year facilitated by HASTe.

During this process, current transportation issues (such as unsafe crossing conditions and barriers to active transportation) and opportunities (such as existing pedestrian and bicycle paths) will be identified around each school while using creative and fun ways to promote more families to walk, scoot or cycle.

2014-2015 (HASTe) – highlights to come

  • Larson
  • Ridgeway

2016-2016 (HASTe) – to be announced