School Travel Planning in North Vancouver

In 2013, the City of North Vancouver conducted a survey in partnership with the North Vancouver School District and the District of North Vancouver to better understand transportation safety issues specific to the areas surrounding its schools and to find out how students currently travel to school. City staff and RCMP reviewed each public elementary school zone while considering the results of the survey, and decided to initiate a City-wide Safe and Active School Travel program.

A key part of this program is the School Travel Planning process, which has been facilitated by HASTe staff since 2014. HASTe’s approach has been to work with stakeholders and community members at each participating school to identify and understand current transportation issues and concerns, and develop opportunities to support active travel, using infrastructure improvements, education and enforcement campaigns, and creative and fun ways to encourage more families to walk, scoot or cycle to school.

2015/16 schools:

  • Larson Elementary
  • Ridgeway Elementary

2016/17 schools:

  • Queen Mary Community Elementary
  • Westview Elementary

2017/18 schools:

  • Holy Trinity Elementary
  • Carson Graham Secondary