Places to Purchase Premium Real Estate in Business Bay

Complete Information About Places to Purchase Premium Real Estate in Business Bay

Welcome to one of Dubai’s most celebrated city centers – Business Bay. It appeared when the government of the UAE decided it would go big; it planned Business Bay to deliver the finishing touch of beauty. The city area is one of the best places to reside, and you can get impressive real estate for sale in Business Bay. There are many highlights of housing and property in that community area, the lifestyle is also distinct and exceptionally interesting, and there are also some perks to living in the business bay. This article will discuss frequently asked questions about Dubai Business Bay and provide quality information for intending purchasers. If you are looking for quality information on Business Bay, then, by all means, read along.

Where Is Referred To As The Business Bay

There’s so much being written about business bay on the internet lately, but for foreigners, one of the most frequently asked questions is the geographical position or location of Business Bay and the landscape they can expect. If you are a lover of premium quality homes, you’ll agree that these positionings are critical in determining where to live.

It sits on a 64 million sq. ft. land mass in the elaborate Business Bay, which overlooks Dubai Creek. This expanse of land is easily accessible from the Burj Khalifa Boulevard, the principal town road and easily navigable to every other crucial point in Dubai. It may interest you to note that it is only about 10 minutes from other key city locations and has an interconnected road network.

How Many Towers Can You Find In Business Bay?

When it was commissioned in 2011, the Business Bay was estimated to contain over two hundred structures for private and domestic purposes on the one hand and commercial usage on the other. One of the fun facts about the business bay is that it is a melting point for both businesses and homeowners. You can find buildings and apartments for all kinds of purposes in the Bay, and most interestingly, there are fancy places to whirl away time too.

There are a handful of the most famous towers in Business Bay; we will now discuss some of them below.

Bay Square

Business Bay’s tagline is – the region’s business capital, so Bay Square is a middle ground that cannot be claimed by the businesses or the residences independently. The Bay Square Property has all you can think of, beginning from business structures and towers, domestic towers for living and even the hospitality business by way of a standard hotel. The Bay Square also has about ten office buildings for grabs, and the area has many attractive centers.

The Noticeable Executive Towers of Dubai Business Bay

It is impossible to miss the twelve Executive Towers as you enter Business Bay. These interconnected buildings are made of twelve sturdy superstructures of maximum splendor. The tower is home to many today, and its completeness is attractive, seeing that all the desired home services are in the towers. They are pet friendly and are designed to allow wheelchairs and other otherwise tricky mobility issues to fit in without hassles. Additionally, being the first set of properties to have been completed in Business Bay, the Executive Towers are very popular in the area. 

The Avenue

Do you know that every town has a location where people go to chill and burn off some steam? For Business Bay, the avenue is that area. You can find any relaxation center you want on the avenue. It is an exciting spot to visit, and you can find it at total capacity while packed to the brim with its nightlife. Crash a club, enjoy dinner, play visual games, see your favorite shoes, etc., in the avenue. With such an area, one’s nighttime enjoyment is undoubtedly guaranteed.

The Creek Extension

Lastly is the Creek Extension, an outflow of Dubai creek. Nothing is as endearing as the water slides and the restaurants it bears. It is said that the dredging of Dubai Creek to deliver and execute this project is one of the most beautiful processes to experience.

Since 2011, investors have rolled properties; some are fully completed and open to the public, while others are not. If you are looking for residential communities to live in Business Bay, then you should surf for any of these complete projects below:

  1.   Bay Central
  2.   The Executive Towers
  3.   The Mazaya Business Avenue
  4.   The Vision Tower hotels
  5.   The Ubora Tower
  6.   J. W. Marriott Marquis Towers

Life in Business Bay – Hustle or Bustle or complete luxury.

If you are the life of a party kind of person, then this question probably tops your list of must-ask. Thank God you asked this because you are in luck! Life in Business Bay is as enjoyable as it could get in Dubai. The area is positioned so that you lack nothing, from the necessities of life to the luxuries of the mind and the centers for clubbing and self-enjoyment. Although it is not always busy and like areas such as palm Jumeirah, Business Bay is an excellent place for anyone to live; regardless of your taste and preferences, you are likely to find something suitable.


Lastly, let’s talk about the density in Business Bay. As a property owner or prospective investor, you may want to note that the area is expected to house at least three hundred thousand people. It may not be as crowded as places such as the Palm, but it could be fun to live there, and there are many socializing opportunities for children or family members of any age. Is it an excellent place to invest in? Well, this is a relative question. If you can find a property that you love and fancy in Business Bay, then, by all means, go for it – the area is nice to live in for any category of person. You can read more on the official website Emirates.Estate to discover the available premises in the market.

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