The Importance of Regularly Maintaining Your Septic Tank

The Importance of Regularly Maintaining Your Septic Tank

Why You Should Inspect Your Septic Tank Regularly 

Although your septic system may not cross your mind that often unless it is causing you issues, you may want to start thinking about it a little more because it is a lot more important than you think. 

If you start to neglect your septic tank things can start to take a turn for the worse and head downhill very quickly if you do not properly and efficiently maintain the septic system.

Regular septic tank maintenance and inspections are vital in order to ensure that your septic tank is still functioning as it should be. If you neglect your septic tank you could face major problems that result in very costly repairs to not only your septic tank but the environment around it as well. This is a frequent issue that can easily be avoided by some very simple septic tank maintenance from a professional septic tank company. 

It is important to note that unless you are an expert in the field, a septic tank inspection needs professional expertise from a regulated and certified septic tank inspection company. So please do not attempt to inspect the septic tank yourself when it comes to these regular inspections.

Signs Of A Failing Septic Tank

Now that we have gone over why it is important to ensure that you are maintaining and sustaining your septic tank, sometimes problems can still arise even if you are performing regular checks with a qualified septic tank maintenance company. 

Therefore, it is important to understand the signs of a failing septic tank so you can catch any problems early so instead of it costing you tens of thousands of pounds in damages, clean up and repairs, you only need to spend a couple hundred to amend a small issue.

However, if you are the average person with little to no knowledge or expertise with septic tanks, how can you recognise faults and problems?

The first important thing to note is that you should not attempt to fix any issues should you spot them and instead call in a septic tank repairs company because any attempt you may do to fix it yourself may result in more damages plus the risk of injury to yourself and others. Instead, a professional septic tank repairs company theory can fix the issue effectively and safely saving you time and money without the risk of injury when attempting to do it yourself. 

Some of the signs of a failing septic tank are fairly easy to spot once you know what you are looking for and do not require you to get technical or even touch the septic tank in which you should only ever do if you are an expert and know what you are doing. Some of the most common signs of a failing septic tank most people can spot include:

  • Water and sewage are backing up into the home from drains, sinks and toilets. 
  • Gurgling sounds coming from the plumbing systems when using toilets or taps.
  • Bad odours coming from where the septic tank is located could suggest a leakage. 
  • Standing water near the septic tank that won’t go away.

The most common reason for the majority of septic tank problems is improper or infrequent maintenance, if you notice any of these issues it is most likely that your septic tank is failing and will need a septic tank specialist to come and investigate the issue further. 

How Often Should You Schedule Inspections?

Ensuring that your septic tank has been installed efficiently and is still functioning as it should be is vital in order to provide that there will be no issues present or reoccurring. 

When it comes to inspecting your septic tank you should get a septic tank installation and repairs specialist to take a look and inspect your septic system every 2 – 4 years depending on the size of the tank, the amount of water used annually and the number of people within your home. 

However, if you have noticed any of the common faults that we previously mentioned or if something seems not right with your drainage and sewage system within your household, it is worth calling a septic tank expert to come out and take a look.

Furthermore, if you have recently bought a new home or property and discovered a septic system, it is always worth getting an expert out to do a routine inspection of the tank so that you can ensure it is in proper working condition and not likely to cause you any issues and cost you money on repairs. 

Making sure you schedule regular inspections of your septic system can help save you money in the long term and prevent any unforeseen damages that will help your septic tank work more efficiently for longer. 


Overall, getting your septic tank system regularly inspected and maintained every 2 – 4 years is vital in order to avoid any unforeseen damages and major implications if your septic tank was to become majorly damaged without your knowledge.

The results of a major leakage or damage can have big consequences resulting in large financial implications and costs for repairs, re-fitting, parts, labour and clean-up costs.

As more time passes and your septic system becomes older and older with more and more stress and use being put under it, the likelihood of issues occurring becomes more common. Therefore, it is not worth the gamble and by simply getting an expert to take a quick look and routine check of your septic tank every 2 to 4 years it will save you a lot of money, time and stress in the future. Plus any small drainage and plumbing issues that you are currently experiencing that are not enough to warrant a call-out can be mentioned during these routine checks so that you can be certain that you are keeping everything maintained and reducing the chances of any issues occurring. 

The gamble is your choice, but our advice is to get your septic tank systems looked after and maintained every 2 – 4 years and the chances of spending a fortune on repairs will significantly reduce.  

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