Best Places to Ride Electric Bikes in US

Complete Information About Best Places to Ride Electric Bikes in US

If you’re new to mountain biking, e-bikes are a very great way to enjoy the outdoors. You still have to exert some effort while using the pedal-assist motor because it only provides a slight boost on climbs. Give electric bikes a try if you’re interested in mountain biking but unsure of your physical condition to handle the required amount of endurance. But, it’s vital to keep in mind that since e-bikes are regarded as motorized vehicles, several trail networks across the US do not permit their use. But, there are a few e-bike-friendly locations and paths that are well worth exploring. 

Some Places to Ride E Bikes in the US are

Oregon’s Post Canyon

Oregon’s Post Canyon, with its loamy ground and well-kept trails, is close to Hood River and offers some of the greatest mountain ridings in the state. The trail network is entirely electric bikes friendly. Here, riders will find a variety of riding opportunities, including jump lines, bermed-turning downhill descents, and winding cross-country singletrack. The majority of Post Canyon’s landscape is located on the Hood River County Tree Farm, which is managed by the county’s forestry division. Since Post Canyon is prone to rain and mud, always verify the trail’s condition before you ride.

Canyon of the River Provo 

The cycling path is appropriately named “Parkway” because it winds from Utah State Park to Vivian Park in Provo Canyon. This multi-use route has a steady ascent and is largely flat with only a few hard uphill climbs. Even the lowest-wattage electric bikes are capable of doing this, however, climbing hills may take longer than you’d want. The path is wide enough for everyone at 8 to 10 feet throughout, even though you’ll see walkers and other outdoor enthusiasts using it.


SkyPark at Santa’s Village, which has an odd name for a mountain bike park, is a haven for mountain bikers and one of the few bike parks in the nation that accepts electric bikes. This outdoor adventure park is open all year round for mountain biking and is situated in the San Bernardino Hills about an hour and a half outside of Los Angeles. SkyPark is the ideal place to hone skills and, more importantly, have a tonne of fun, with more than seven miles of trail suitable for all levels of riders, from novice to pro. When planning a full day of riding at SkyPark, having an e-bike comes in quite handy because you must cycle up a fire road to get to the downhill slopes. 

Cycle route in Rincon

Despite the fact that some sources claim this is merely a 3.6-mile trip, if you bike from Ventura to the town of Carpinteria, you may actually travel approximately 20 miles in one direction! The majority of the ride is safe, but if you want to travel the entire distance, you’ll need to take a little detour on the 101 motorway and some side roads that have car traffic.


Several miles of purpose-built mountain bike trails have been established in and around Bentonville over the past few years by trail builders, and all of them are accessible to e-bikes. They continue to develop more trails, which is an incredibly incredible endeavor. There are expansive cross-country circuits, jump lines, skills parks, flow tracks, and a lot more. 

Californa’s Mount Hough

This is the major route down the mountain, a 10-mile descent with a swift pace and hardly any rocks or tricky terrain. The fact that it is so well-designed for mountain bikers makes it one of my favorite routes in the area. The majority of the route is a fun descent and is ideal for families with young children or beginning mountain bikers. There are a few tiny climbs where you can put your e-bike to work. 

Riverside Mountains Loop Trail 

This excellent, paved, 12-foot-wide circle trail is 35 miles long. When you travel around the River Mountains on this bike track, you will be able to see the entire range. You may even see Bighorn Sheep one of the largest populations lives here.

You will ride uphill and downhill even if you are in a desert location, and even though the path is paved, you can come across some gravel patches.


You can use the electric engine in your bike to travel on practically any public terrain throughout several states in the US. The majority of electric bikes are permitted on these paths, but before riding, you should check the legislation of each specific U.S. state.

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