How To Choose The Right Chairs For Your Extendable Dining Table

How To Choose The Right Chairs For Your Extendable Dining Table

Extendable dining tables have emerged as a solution for many homes. It has satiated all of the users’ needs. In the past, many people had trouble adjusting to the smaller dining rooms. Now, they can fit an extendable dining table into their dining room while taking up less space. 

But one of the major unresolved issues is choosing the right chairs for an extendable dining table. Hence, this article looks at everything you need to consider to help you choose the right chairs for your extendable dining table. Read on.

Overview Of Extendable Dining Table

An extendable dining table is exactly what the name implies. You can increase the table’s size and add more chairs if you need to host more guests. You can also collapse it back to its original size after your guests leave.

However, you must be cautious when choosing your extendable dining table. Not all extendable dining tables will fit in your home, and even greater care must be taken when choosing the chairs for your extendable dining table.

Tips To Choose The Right Chairs For Your Extendable Dining Table

Know the space available in your dining room

Be sure to determine whether your dining room has enough space before deciding to buy chairs for your extended dining table. 

Consider measuring the area using the extended size since you will need to do so occasionally. Avoid a situation where your dining area is too small to accommodate the dining chairs.

Decide the right number of chairs for you

An extendable dining table offers the same option of several chairs arranged around it as any other dining table. You might have six chairs, eight chairs, or more. Please choose the appropriate number of chairs to fit around the table comfortably.

Consider your dining needs

When buying extendable dining table chairs, never overlook your necessities. Your demands should be met; elegance and design are not always as important. Choose chairs that suit your needs, regardless of how basic they are.

Choose durable materials

What do you prefer? Which would be more durable? Chairs with a cool appearance, or one that is straightforward yet sturdy? Choose the materials to extend the life of the dining table. You can choose from chairs made from wood or high gloss. 

However, make sure that the material is appropriate for your dining room.

Consider the style

Extendable dining table chairs should be chosen for scale compatibility, and the pieces should work well together. They do not need to be all the same design, but the styles must match. You can even consider chairs from other styles, such as classic or French. In most cases, choosing chairs with a shared feature with your extendable dining table makes them look good together. 

The era, the color undertone of the finish, or the degree of formality can all be considered similar elements. Even a single design component, like the legs or feet of furniture, may qualify.

In light of this, avoid selecting tables and chairs with every component in common; otherwise, you’d be better off purchasing a matching set.

Consider the arm and back heights

Ensure the tops of the arms don’t touch or bump the bottom of the tabletop or apron if you utilize dining chairs with arms at any table.

It’s possible that diners won’t be able to sit near enough to the table to eat comfortably, in addition to the damage your chair arms will unavoidably sustain. The distance between the table height and the total chair height should be considered when choosing chairs for your extendable dining table. 

Ensure that the height of the chair backs exceeds the height of the table. Although being taller is preferable, a difference in the height of no less than two inches must exist. On the contrary, the chairs appear squat.

Consider the width and depth

Scale is more than just matching heights. Additionally, it would help if you had chairs that could fit beneath your table. If not, you won’t be at ease, and you’ll end up damaging the table and chairs. 

A pedestal or trestle table’s base or the legs of a rectangular or oval extendable dining table shouldn’t be touched by the chairs you set at each end of the table. 

Make sure there is space for the chairs to slip underneath without knocking into each other or the table’s base or legs if you intend to utilize two or more chairs on each long side of the table. Diners experience a crowded, close-quarters feeling if the chair seats are touching. 

The same rule applies to round tables; there should be at least two inches between each chair.

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