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Here this post is about Rylo Huncho Video Unedited Video Clip. People from the United States are trying to know more and more about the Teen TikToker who died from a self-inflicted shot. 

Rylo Huncho Shoots Himself & More

As per the news, Rylo Huncho was a seventeen years old rapper from Virginia, and he died due to a self-inflicted shot. As per the available details, he was shooting a music video himself, and he had a gun in his hand. 

The video of Rylo playing with a gun in his hand minutes before his death has gone viral. As per the video, he removed the safety pin and pointed the gun at his head. The footage was blurred after that, and a bang sound was heard. The unedited video was present on social media for some time. 

However, the Rylo Huncho Video Unedited Video Clip is now not easily available on social media. The video clip is also very distressing to watch. Because the moment when Rylo put the gun on his head was clearly visible. But only the shooting part of it has been blurred out. 

At first, when the news of a rapper’s death was not confirmed, many viewers of the video were worried about Rylo’s safety. The police investigation is being processed, and they are trying to understand the reason behind this act.

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Rylo Huncho Death & More

Full Name  Raliegh Freeman
Popularly Known as:

Rylo Huncho

Date of Birth  Not known
Date of Death 15th May 2024

Place of Death

Suffolk, Virgini, United States 

Age 17 years old
Nationality American


No details are available 


Rylo did not had any siblings
School & College

No details are available


TikToker and a Rapper

Where is Rylo Huncho Video Unedited Video Clip?

Where is Rylo Huncho Video Unedited Video Clip

In the terrifying video, which was uploaded to Huncho’s Instagram story, he can be seen pointing and displaying the gun’s flashlight and green laser. He turned off the gun’s safety later in the video and aimed it directly at his head. 

The budding rapper pulled the trigger, bursting into a blur to the camera. His cell phone struck the ground, and he vanished from view, taken by the blast. This was the video circulating on the internet. 

At first, when the police found the body of 17 years old, they had not revealed the identity of the deceased. However, after watching the Rylo Huncho Video Sparo, many people started to talk about Rylo. 

The police informed that a Rapper and TikToker had died in a self-inflicted gunshot. Thus, people on the internet were quick to decode who could not been the deceased rapper from Suffolk, Virginia. 

More Details Related To The Incident 

Cousins of Rylo had created a GoFundMe profile; they are asking for $15000 for the grieving mother of Rylo. The organizer said that Rylo’s mother and their aunt were fighters. She was raising Rylo alone and had no support from her other counterpart. They have raised over $4000 till now.


A Rylo Huncho Video Unedited Video Clip has been trending on the internet. The clip has a 17-year-old Rylo shooting himself. In the end, the rapper died from a self-inflicted shot in Suffolk, Virginia.          

Police are investigating the case and ascertaining if it is a suicide or a mistake. The GoFundMe page has been created to donate, and the beneficiary is Rylo’s mother. The link to GoFundMe is here

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