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This article provides information on the S55x Chain com and tells the readers about the details of the product and the reason for its demand.

Do you want to know about the products from S55xchain.com? Are you looking forward to know whether the products are capable of performing the desired tasks or not? All the users from Worldwide want to know whether it’s a good decision to buy the S55x Chain for agricultural purposes or not. 

Through this article, all your doubts will be cleared as here we will tell you about S55x Chain com and give you all available information. 

What is the S55x Chain?

S55x Chain is an agricultural machinery product installed in the machinery that is completely interchangeable. The S55x Chain is made up of high-quality material, which helps increase the machine’s shell life.

Most people from Worldwide prefer S55x Chain, but if you have a different machine that is small or big, then you can go for different sizes too. Now, let’s talk about what makes this Chain special and different from others chains designed for specific purpose. 

Is there any website related to S55xCom?

After searching on the internet, we couldn’t find a website that goes with the URL S55x.com. However, we found a product related to agricultural machines, so let’s discuss them. The specification of the S55x Chain includes:

  • Pitch- 41.4
  • Width between inner plates- 20
  • Link Plate Height- 20
  • Link Plate Thickness- 3
  • Pin Length- 38
  • Roller Diameter- 15.88
  • Weight/kg- 2.2
  • Pin Length (2nd)- 40.7
  • Minimum Tensile Strength- kN- 50
  • Average Tensile Strength- kN- 55
  • Stock Code- 0

It is considered the best choice for agricultural machines because of the quality and strength of the Chain that keeps the machine intact and in working condition. 

What makes S55x Chain com special?

Some things make the S55x Chain special and a better choice for everyone.

  • The chains contain various attachments, coatings, materials, slats, and pushers. 
  • All the S55x chains are manufactured and produced using the latest and advanced technology and with different techniques that make them a suitable choice for everyone. 
  • The link plates of the S55x chains are punched from cold drawn steel, which increases the tensile strength because of the grain alignment. 
  • The Chain is strengthened and secured with the help of press fit and the spin-riveting so that the users don’t think about the S55xCom chains being broken during functioning. 
  • The chains are used in different industries for different purposes, including Plan oil Industries, Sugar, cement, Automotive, Food, Steel Manufacturing, Waste and Recycling, Bulk Material Handling, Agriculture, and many more. 

What’s the price of the S55x Chain?

The price of the S55x Chain varies from website to website, as on some websites, you will get the rice after putting down the required materials. So, to get the proper pricing, you need to check the different websites and choose which offers a better one. 


With the above information on S55x Chain com, it is clear that the product is in demand, and the users are happy with using S55x Chain. You can order from a trusted website and see its uses in action. 

Have you used the S55x Chain? Please share your opinion with us. 

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