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The guide shares details about the Sam Asghari Religion to whom Britney Spears will marry. Read carefully.  

Do you know the famous singer Britney Spears expects a baby with her trainer, Sam Asghari? A couple of days back, the news broke out when the singer announced her engagement with her trainer after dating for six years.

In her announcement, she pronounced Sam as her husband, triggering curiosity amongst her fan worldwide, that are eager to know what kind of wedding they will host, whether they will have a destination wedding, and most importantly, the Sam Asghari Religion.

If you are also amongst those people, continue reading to know more about the news and his religion.

What is Asghari Religion?

Soon after the pregnancy news broke out on social media, the worldwide fans of the singer wanted to know the religion of his boyfriend. Sam is an Iran-born actor cum personal trainer to Britney Spears. 

Since he is from Iran, an Islamic Country, many fans are guessing that Britney Spears is getting married to a Muslim man. Besides, the surname of the trainer is an Arabic word. So, people assume that he is an Islamic guy from Iran who settled in America. 

However, it is not clear what Sam Asghari Religion is, and hence it can’t be confirmed whether he follows Islam or any other religion. The actor cum trainer has also not clarified anything about his religion. So, it will be too early to say anything about his religion without confirmation.

About Sam Asghari!

Sam Asghari is an actor, model, and personal trainer from America. His original name is Hasam Asghari, and he was born on 3rd March 1994. The 28 years old personal trainer cum actor was born in Tehran, Iran, and at the age of 12 years, he immigrated to America with his American father, Mike Asghari, leaving behind his sisters and mother back in Iran.

About Sam Asghari Religion and Britney Spears’s Relation!

Back in 2016, on the set of Slumber Party, Sam met Britney Spears. She was shooting a video when they exchanged their phone numbers. Soon they started dating each other, and they were seen spending time with each other.

After the news came in light, people took the social media to discuss his religion. Some said he is Muslim, while others are not sure whether or not he follows any religion. 

Britney Spears broke her pregnancy news with Sam on social media a couple of days back. But she has not cleared what Sam Asghari Religion is. So, it creates a buzz amongst her fans who want to know his occupation, religion, and other details. 


Sam Asghari is a personal trainer cum actor dating Britney Spears since 2016. Recently, the singer announced her engagement and pregnancy news on her Instagram triggering a curiosity amongst her fans. Everyone wants to know more about her Sam Asghari and his Religion.

After evaluating, we have not found any update on his religion as it is not clear which religion he follows. 

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