School Travel Champion Profile: Jonina Campbell

by Kristi Hendricks

On her 10th birthday, Jonina Campbell bought herself a 10 speed bike with the money she received. While she remembers the joy and freedom of biking as a youth, she did not foresee becoming an active transportation advocate. Yet, when this teacher saw the congestion around her school, she was drawn into action, and became one of her community’s school board trustees.

Learn more about how Jonina is working on transportation in her school district after the break.

Campbell knows that walking is more than a safe way to travel to and from school. It is “socially important to walk,” as it give children the sense of space and community which is lost in automobile travel. It also brings a sense of independence and allows children time to play as they make their way to school, stimulating their brains through exercise so that they arrive ready to learn, she shares.

As a trustee, Campbell has been able to bring the need for active transportation as an important part of school travel planning to the attention of the New Westminster school board. In bringing forward motions for school travel planning under the environmental stewardshili>policy, Campbell is able to say, “We value this, and implement the language and incentives needed to do this sort of work.”

As policies are written, Campbell hopes to see long term, sustainable initiatives result in an ideological shift, where active transportation becomes a natural part of the way we live, and the way we plan.

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