School Travel Champion Profile: Luciana Moraes

by Kristi Hendricks

Former City of Surrey Transportation Planner Luci Moraes knows that not only does it generally take the same length of time to walk or drive to schools, but actively commuting to school results in children arriving at school alert and happy to have spent some quality time with their parents. With this knowledge, she was able to take a proactive approach to her planning work, implementing plans which encourage active transportation, such as participating in school travel planning.

As a part of the Safe and Active Schools program, Moraes was able to identify potential improvements for infrastructure upgrades to increase the safety and comfort of active travel routes. Moraes found that often people don’t realize how much an infrastructure change, such as the addition of a crosswalk or traffic calming measure, can do to improve the active transportation experience. “People don’t realize this unless it is pointed out,” she shares.

Beyond her previous role as a member of the City’s school travel planning team, Moraes also played a big role in promoting active travel through the coordination of cycling projects, and has taken pride in the successes she encountered, such as the bike rack program which is seeing 20 new racks placed in key areas of the City of Surrey each year as a way of providing for the needs of the community. As cycling paths and amenities are provided, community members will have more opportunities to make the healthy choices needed to create long-term active travel habits- habits which Moraes looks forward to becoming natural within the community.

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