Learn More About Photographer Sean Zanni Website: Stray Kids Met Gala 2024 Hacking!

Learn More About Photographer Sean Zanni Website

Have you heard of Sean Zanni website, which belongs to the photographer? Read this article to learn more and how it is related to the viral stray kids band. 

Does your social media feed load with lots of Met Gala posts and pictures? Do you also get astonished by the beautiful dresses won by hundreds of celebrities?

If it is a worldwide popular event, it will definitely attract some controversy, right? Similarly, a controversial act happened at the event, all because of a photographer named Sean Zanni, and for his deed, his website was blocked. In this post, we will discuss Sean Zanni website, which is linked with Stray Kids, and the gala event interestingly and excitingly.

Why is Sean Zanni Website trending?

Sean Zanni is a talented photographer, so he got the chance to become a photographer for the Met Gala event. At the Met Gala event, there were lots of photographers, and Sean was one of them who clicked pictures of many celebrities.

This time, the popular K-pop gang stray kids made their met gala debut, and Sean, while taking their photos, passed a very rude racist comment, and those clips were recorded and went viral.

So, the furious fans of Sean Zanni put all their effort into hacking his photography website. Currently, his website has been blocked due to low-security issues.

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Relationship between Sean Zanni Stray Kids

Stray Kids is a trendy K-pop band consisting of eight group members. The pop band was formed in 2018, and since then they have been releasing fantastic songs for their fans. And this group is led by the energetic singer Bang Chan.

And this year, Stray Kids Pop got the chance to enter the Met Gala. And they are the first K-pop group to participate in the Met Gala event. And on May 7, 2024, all the K-pop members dressed perfectly for the theme of the Met Gala.

But they got more racist and controversial comments about their appearance and outfits. Sean Zanni was one of the photographers who clicked the pictures of the gang at the event, and while taking their photos, he made rude comments like run, robots, etc. 

And somehow the rude comments of Sean were recorded, and so the entire stray kids fan base is bashing on him.

Who is the viral Sean Zanni Photographer?

Sean Zanni is a skilled photographer who used to take many breath-taking photos, and he has his own Instagram page and a website to showcase his photography skills and attract customers. 

But due to his racist behaviour at the Met Gala,, his Instagram DM is flooded with lots of hateful comments, so he made his Instagram page private.

In addition to that, the fans of stray kids hacked his website and even displayed the statement “Apologies to stray kids,” so when someone opens his website, everyone can see those statements. 

But after that, those statements were removed, and till now, his website has been hacked and no one has been able to view the web pages.

Ripple effects

The most surprising fact is that a few days ago, Sean was a very normal photographer, but today, Sean Zanni Website has become a viral one, but in a negative manner.

 His racist comment made him lose so many things in his professional life, and the fans of stray kids are still planning to do many things to make him realise the mistake he made.

Online petition sites are popping up asking Sean to apologize to stray kids.


Sean might be a talented photographer, but his unprofessional act caused him to lose his career. Sean Zanni Website has been hacked, and his Instagram page has been made private. 

But if he makes an apology to the Stray Kids team, then everything will become normal. We humans make mistakes, but having the heart to apologise for them all matters. Click Here

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