How to Secure Subdomains on a Budget

Complete Information How to Secure Subdomains on a Budget

Subdomain security is essential for protecting your website and its visitors. However, purchasing an expensive SSL certificate for each subdomain might be a significant expense for small enterprises or individuals. Fortunately, there are affordable options to protect your subdomains without going over budget. In this article, we’ll talk about using a Wildcard SSL certificate to affordably secure subdomains.

How to assess whether a Wildcard is suitable for you

Businesses with numerous subdomains should get a Wildcard SSL certificate because it secures all subdomains under a single domain. You should think about the following to determine if a Wildcard SSL certificate is appropriate for you:

You have how many subdomains?

When opposed to purchasing individual certificates for each subdomain if you have several subdomains, a Wildcard SSL certificate can be more cost-effective.

Do you have any future plans to add more subdomains?

A Wildcard SSL certificate can cover all of your website’s subdomains if you want to add more of them, saving you the effort of needing to purchase new certificates.

Are you capable of installing and maintaining a Wildcard SSL certificate?

You may always hire a specialist to install and administer a Wildcard SSL certificate for you if you lack the technical know-how to do so.

Top 3 Advantages of an affordable Wildcard SSL

Let’s look at the top three advantages of employing a low-cost Wildcard SSL now that you know how to decide if one is appropriate for you:


Businesses with numerous subdomains might save money by using a Wildcard SSL certificate. A Wildcard SSL certificate covers all subdomains, saving you money over time by eliminating the need to purchase individual certificates for each one. Additionally, a lot of vendors provide inexpensive Wildcard SSL certificates, so it is a cost-effective option for both individuals and small enterprises.

Simple to control

Since you just need to install and manage one certificate for all subdomains, managing a Wildcard SSL certificate is simple. This streamlines SSL management procedures and lowers the possibility of errors.

Safeguard each subdomain

A Wildcard SSL certificate protects all subdomains under a parent domain, guaranteeing the security of your website and the privacy of your users. For companies that handle sensitive data, like credit card or personal information, this is especially crucial.


Subdomain security is crucial for safeguarding both your website and its visitors. However, for small enterprises or individuals, purchasing pricey SSL certificates for each subdomain can be a significant outlay of money. Fortunately, utilizing an inexpensive Wildcard SSL certificate can offer a practical way to secure numerous subdomains. You can decide if a Wildcard SSL certificate is appropriate for you by taking into account the amount of subdomains you now have, your plans for upcoming subdomains, and your level of technical expertise. A cheap Wildcard SSL certificate can be a great choice for companies and individuals wishing to secure their subdomains due to its affordability, ease of management, and capacity to secure all subdomains.

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