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This post on the Sementeryo Scandal will inform the readers about the viral video in the Philippines.

Have you seen the intimate video of teenagers? The video is getting viral on various online platforms and people are not finding it suitable to be circulated among society. Some netizens Worldwide have showered disgusting comments on the Sementeryo Scandal video and want to know how this video can become viral and people are sharing it. We will inform everything related to this scandal video. 

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Scandal Video In Sementeryo

Recently, a video was shared among various online sources. The origin of this video might be from the Phillipines as it started getting circulated from there. Sementeryo can be referred to Cemetery. The word cemetery has been used in the video because this video was shot in the cemetery. In the video, two teenagers can be seen in the offensive position. We found more than one video in which teenagers were seen making love.

Cemetery Scandal Viral Video

The cemetery scandal video is now a matter on which everyone is talking some people are against this video while some are enjoying it. But, if we look at this video, we can see two young kids were romancing. At a glance, one could consider the teens romancing, but the video was shot in the cemetery. So, how can anyone not raise any objection? The place where the video was shot is not made to shoot videos. Thus, there are people around the world for whom the video was objectionable. It may be against the law in some countries. 

Reasons to Raise Objection Against Pinay Sementeryo Scandal

We can give numerous reasons to object and why people are objecting. But, there could be two possible and strongest reasons to stand against this video. Firstly, this video was shot in the cemetery. The place is made for the deceased and if someone is making guns in this place, then how could society tolerate it? Another reason that the public has to object is that the video was shot by two young children. They were in an objectionable position that can be offensive to society. 

Why the word Pinay has been used?

In the Sementeryo Scandal video, the word Pinay was also seen along with the title. This word is referred to as a woman from Filipino. We could guess that this video has a female teenager also, so the word could symbolize her. The word is mostly used in the Philippines for women. So, they originated from the Philippines, thus, it may refer to the woman in the video.

Sementeryo: Meaning and Reference

There can be many reasons to, unlike the video. But, in the title, the word Sementeryo has been used. People who do not belong to the Philippines may not know the meaning used in the Sementeryo Scandal. The word Sementeryo means the place where dead bodies are buried. In English, we can denote it as Cemetery. Now, you may understand it more clearly. The video was shot in the burial place, which is why the word Sementeryo has been used.

DISCLAIMER: We never support or promote such videos. Also, our motive is to provide information based on the searchability of our readers. If you want to watch the video, you can refer to online sources. 


The readers can read more details about it on Sementeryo Video.

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Sementeryo Scandal: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are the identities of the young children disclosed?

Ans. No, we cannot find their identity.

Q2. What were the teens doing in the video?

Ans. There are two videos of the same young kids. The girl was seen lying on the lap of the boy and they two were in objectionable position. In another video, they are seen making physical relations in the Cemetery.

Q3. What is the word Pinay referred to?

Ans. The word refers to a woman of Filipino. 

Q4. What does the word Sementeryo mean?

Ans. The word Sementeryo in the Sementeryo Scandal means the place for the burial of dead bodies. In English, it is spelled as Cemetery.

Q5. Why are the netizens trolling and hating the video?

Ans. It is clear that there could be two possible reasons to hate the video. The first one was shot in the cemetery while the other could be the video shot by two kids.

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