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Latest News Shaquella Robinson Update

The guide shares the Shaquella Robinson Update readers to know how and where Shaquella Robinson died.

Are you aware of the new video circulating over the internet showing that a woman has been brutally beaten by her friends in a villa? The video is circulating over the internet featuring a hairstylist and businesswoman who was on vacation with her friends and brutally beaten up by her friends in the villa. Later, the woman Shaquella Robinson from North Carolina was found dead in the Mexico Villa, where she was holidaying with her friends. 

After seeing the video on social media, worldwide viewers were shocked and looking for more Shaquella Robinson Update online.

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What Happened to Shaquella Robinson?

According to media reports, Shaquella Robinson was a hairstylist and businesswoman from North Carolina, and she went on a vacation trip to Cabo with her friends on 28th Oct 2022. She was holidaying with a group of 7 people in a rented villa to celebrate her friend’s birthday party. 

After 24 hours, Shaquella Robinson was found dead in the villa. Soon she was pronounced dead online; the video surfaced on social media where one of her friends, Daejhanae Jackson, was seen beating her brutally in the bedroom. 

Another friend recorded the incident and shared the video on social media.

Shaquella Robinson – Who Is She?

Shaquella Robinson was a hairstylist and businesswoman from North Carolina. She was born in 1997 and died at 25. There is no information regarding her birth date; she was born to Bernard and Salamandra.

However, she is in the news because she was found dead in a Mexico villa where she was holidaying with her mates. On 28th Oct, she went on a trip to celebrate the birthday party of one of her mates where she also had a fight with one mate and finally she was found dead. She was from Charlotte Nc but died in Mexico, where she was holidaying.   

How She Died?

According to a viral video, she was found dead in a Mexico villa where she was holidaying with some of her mates to celebrate a friend’s birthday party. She went on the trip on 28th Oct, and her dead body was found on 30th October 2022. Worldwide viewers were shocked after streaming the video; everyone wanted to know how she died at such a young Age

Some officials confirmed that her parents died of alcohol poisoning. But, there is no official statement confirming the cause of her dismissal. But, the video exposed that she had a fight with her mate and was brutally beaten before she died. So, it is suspected that one of her Friends killed her and she didn’t die of alcohol poisoning.        

The postmortem report revealed that she had a spinal injury and broken neck, and the cause of her dismissal was a spinal cord injury.  


A viral video is circulating on social media, showcasing that Shaquella Robinson was beaten by one of her mates with whom she was holidaying in Mexico. News claims that she died after a fight with her mate. In the autopsy report, it is confirmed that he died because of a spinal cord injury. 

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Shaquella Robinson Update – FAQ

1 – Who Is Shanquella Robinson?

Answer – Shanquella Robinson was an established business woman.

2 – What Is Known About Her?

Answer – A Charlotte, North Carolina, family is searching for answers to the mysterious death of their daughter.

3 – What is trending about her?

Since news of her death began circulating on the Internet, a video has surfaced of one of the friends, allegedly Daejhanae Jackson, being beaten up.

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