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This research on Simon Leviev Website Business Coach has provided all the necessary details on the life story of Simon Leviev.

Are you a web series lover? Have you seen any series on any OTT platforms? A criminal documentary, The Tinder Swindler, is getting mass attention Worldwide. The store is so fascinating that people are watching it many times.

Our research on Simon Leviev Website Business Coach will explain the story and what the main character does to earn his living. Those who haven’t watched this series will also develop an interest.

About the criminal documentary: the Tinder Swindler

This criminal documentary revolves around the story of a man named Simon Leviev who wanted to run his business and earn an extraordinary lifestyle; he started cheating the women to make money from them and invest in his business and lead a prosperous life. The series was released on the OTT platform Netflix on February 2, 2022.

Simon Leviev Online Website

Simon Hayut is the real name of Simon Leviev. He manipulated several women and duped them. The main motive to defraud all three women was to fetch money from them and start his business website. This website was set up to give business advice to other people. He wants to live a life with no hard work. So, he decided to make an online website, which he could handle by sitting at home. This was the reason to defraud the ladies. He had been involved in unfair practices for a long time and was punished earlier also.

Furthermore, we searched the information on Simon Leviev Site Officiel, and we found that there is no official link to his website available. This man became famous after the launch of The Tinder Swindler.

Ladies, he cheated on.

Simon Leviev’s real name was Simon Hayut, and he cheated three different women by hiding his real identity and introducing himself as the lad of Israel’s King of Diamonds. He cheated three women; Cecilie Fjellhoy, Ayleen Charlotte, and Pernilla Sjohdm. He met the women through Tinder App (dating application). In return, he fetched a huge amount of money from each woman. Currently, he is banned from Tinder.

Where is he now?

We know that he started a “Simon Leviev Business Consulting” website for people who need business advice. He was sentenced to fifteen months in jail in 2019 (July) if we talk about his past life. But, somehow, he was released for ten months (in five months). Before that, he was also involved in many unfair practices. But at present, he is leading a prosperous life without any trouble. Unfortunately, he is cleared from every legal action. He is living the life he has always wanted. He had done many wrong things for people for which he should not be bared.

Final Verdict

Summing up our content, this research on Simon Leviev Website Business Coach has informed you of the real-life of Simon Leviev. He gained much popularity after the criminal documentary, The Tinder Swindler. Please visit this page to know more about Simon Leviev.  

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