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The post talks about Smith Machine Squat Death Video Reddit and the incident and all about the viewers’ comments.

Recently, social media platforms have been thronged by a certain video that showcases a woman succumbing to death while working on the Smith Machine Squat. That has created a huge news across the internet and globally, including Canada, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

However, viewing the viral video, people want to know what exactly happened and what went wrong. Thus, we conducted in-depth research and brought you complete information about Smith Machine Squat Death Video Reddit. Herein, do not forget to read the complete article till the end to know about the news.

An Overview of The Video 

Before we elaborate on what happened, let us present you with a gist of the viral video. A certain video was uploaded on the Twitter and Reddit, which became viral on 12th March 2022. As per the video, a woman accompanied by her daughter was shown bending down to do squats and succumbed to death instantly.

The video instantly went viral and got several views, which approximates to over a thousand after being uploaded on Reddit and Twitter. Thus, we will elaborate on Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat Video and the viewer’s reaction in the coming section.

What Happened in The Reddit Viral Video?

The video of when mom tries to squat a 405 pound has received a mixed reaction. Furthermore, the death of the woman from Mexico has stirred social media. As per the video, the woman tried lifting 405 pounds at the gym, which instantly took away her life.

It is showcased how the daughter tried freeing her mother, but they were unable to. Herein, people highlighted about there being just one spotter attached on the left side directly inside the Smith Machine. Hence, she could not move either backward or forward.

Smith Machine Squat Death Video Reddit – Viewers’ Reactions

As the video went viral, several comments on different social media platforms, including Reddit. As per comments and video uploaded on Reddit, the woman is seen lifting 180 Kg, 405 pounds of heavy squats. Furthermore, her head was crushed under the squat machine, and even though two men tried to help her, they could not free her.

As per comments on various social media sites such as Twitter and Reddit, people highlighted how safety would have prevented the accident. Besides, the Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat Video post became instantly viral and received multiple views and shares.

Final Conclusion

The video was uploaded on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms, which became viral on 12th March 2022. In conclusion, we would like to enlighten our readers about the incidence and the necessity to take utmost precaution during workouts. 

Besides, it is recommended to use heavy weight lifting equipment under the guidance of experts and lift weights that our bodies will be able to lift. If you want to know more about the Smith Machine Squat Death Video Reddit, and the viewers’ comments on reddit, then visit here.

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