SMS Marketing Strategies That Encourage Repeat Business

Complete Guide to SMS Marketing Strategies

SMS Marketing Strategies: A recent study by Statista showed that now over 7.1 billion people in the entire world own a mobile phone. And by 2023, this number will escalate to over 7.33 billion. Nearly all of these mobile devices have the capability of receiving and sending SMS or text messages. This means the opportunities for connecting with mobile phone users are nearly endless.

So, for contacting mobile users with consumer-oriented offers and promotional messages, these numbers present your business with the opportunity to capitalize on the power of SMS marketing to generate repeat business and increase your sales. Here are SMS marketing strategies to help you generate repeat sales.

Define Your Goals

All marketing initiatives, including SMS marketing, require you to start with a goal in mind. SMS marketing can easily overwhelm you because of its virtually endless possibilities. Most businesses want to be on the mobile channel; however, they have not decided how and why. So when launching, have a primary goal, concentrate on quick wins, and then capitalize on your capabilities.

For instance, you can start with goals such as reducing customer support calls and cart abandonment rates. Then, you can customize your SMS messages to tell your customers they’ve left items in their cart, or you can send them post-purchase order notifications.

Choose the Right SMS Service Provider

In SMS marketing, how you send your messages matters—the platform and service provider you use. Although regular telecommunication services can get the job done, it is usually tedious and expensive. This is where SMS mass text service providers come in. These services focus solely on bulk SMS, which is what you need to succeed in your marketing strategy. This means you are sending text messages to thousands of users simultaneously, and marketing platforms or bulk service providers that offer such features will be most effective in actualizing your campaign.

After finding a reliable partner, setting up an SMS marketing campaign is easy because they offer you user-friendly tools and well-structured steps to set up your campaign. They also offer you message templates to choose from and a dashboard to record and track down metrics of the messages you send.

Collect Contacts

For a start, you can use the mobile phone numbers of your current and past customers. If you have a billing and payment system where you collect the contact numbers of your customers, you are ahead of the game. Check out your sales history and create a concise list of mobile numbers.

If you are beginning from scratch, an excellent way is to choose a great third-party platform that connects you to your target audience. You can subscribe to such a service, or you can purchase a list of mobile phone numbers from several companies that offer them.

Run a campaign that requests your users’ consent to receive further business-related text messages. In the same consent message, include a keyword, such as “JOIN” or “SUBSCRIBE,” which interested individuals can text to get their consent.

The most important factor to remember in SMS marketing is compliance. Ensure every aspect of your program, particularly growing your subscriber list, is done in a very compliant fashion because the SMS marketing channel is permission-based.

Onboard and Engage With a Valuable Incentive

Offer a valuable exchange, such as a gift or a discount, to engage customers in your campaigns. This will give your potential customers the motivation to give you their personal information and make their first purchase. Doing this will get them on your customer list for repeat purchases and will benefit them for future special offers and discounts as well.

Use SMS to Enhance Customer Loyalty

SMS messages can be effective in reinforcing customer loyalty. People like being rewarded for supporting a business, and your business can benefit when you give your customers incentives to spread the word about their excellent experience with your business. If you are a product distributor, use your SMS features to send messages to your existing customers, notifying them they are eligible for rewards if they successfully refer a friend who makes a purchase. Your rewards can be in the form of extra credits to customers who purchase a pay-as-you-go product. This technique helps nurture your relationship with your existing customers and encourages new purchases as well.

Use Automated Reminders to Increase Timely Payments

Features such as scheduled reminders allow you to create automated payment prompts to notify your customers of upcoming payment deadlines to avoid missed or delayed payments. Send SMS prompts regularly to your customers to inform them when their payments are due. Doing this helps ensure your customers enjoy the best experience with products they have bought from you.

With the number of businesses contacting their customers via SMS, SMS marketing is here to stay. The reason is this mode of communication is convenient for consumers and versatile for businesses. To learn how to integrate SMS marketing into your business, contact a reliable SMS mass text service provider.

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