7 Ways to Choose Sofa for a Small Living Room

Complete Information About 7 Ways to Choose Sofa for a Small Living Room

A sofa is an essential element of a living room. It is the first thing anyone notices when you have guests in your home. That’s why many put in a lot of effort to choose the best sofa to complement the interior design they want for their homes.

But for those with smaller living rooms, choosing the best sofa that fits their space can be a bit challenging. If you struggle with the same problem, Out & Out can help you to choose the best sofa you can add to your tiny living room.

1. Ensure The Right Measure

The crucial thing to remember when looking for the best sofas for small living rooms is to measure if they will fit in your space. You can save time, money, and energy if you avoid picking the wrong one. Here are the dimensions you should take note of:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Back seat height
  • Seat or cushion depth

Of course, measuring the length and width of the sofa is essential to ensure it will fit in the area where you want it put in your living room. But those are not just the details you should note before buying.

When buying sofas, you will see the seats they can accommodate on their labels. Most of them have two and three-seaters. It would be best if you did not rely on these details alone. Rather, you should also check the back seat height and the cushion depth.

The back seat height may cover your wall, so you may need to check how high you want it to be. Many people go with thick cushions regarding the seat or the cushion depth. But it may look bulky, a big no for tiny spaces.

Also, you may want to leave some allowance of at least 50 centimeters for a coffee table, ottoman, etc.

2. Locate The Right Spot

The rule regarding the living room seating arrangement is to avoid pushing them against the wall. The logic behind this is that it prevents your small space from looking smaller. If you can locate the right spot to put your sofa, you can cut down or maximize the usable space in your living room.

You do not always need to consider putting a sofa in the corner of the room. A good armchair on the right angle in the corner will make your living room more spacious and welcoming.

3. Avoid Chunky Arm Sofas

A chunky arm sofa is one of the things you should avoid in a small living room. It looks bulky and can seemingly occupy unnecessary spaces and attention, which could have been for other pieces of furniture.

But it would help if you considered choosing those with low and thin-arm sofas. It does not need to be thin but just enough space to rest your elbow while sitting. The Chicago sofa from Out & Out is an ideal example.

The bottom line is to pick a slightly thicker but lower-arm sofa or a higher but thin-arm one, and you are good to go.

4. Go For Low Back Sofas Too

Aside from the arms, you should also check the back of the sofas. Since you have a small living room, high-back sofas will dominate the room’s overall look and overtake the space. They will become the focal point if you try to glide over your vision in the room. It is a downside since some pieces of furniture and other tiny details will not get noticed.

Go for low-back sofas to give an illusion of a spacious living room. You can still opt for a plushy and comfortable backrest of the sofa, but ensure the height is ideal in the space where you will place the sofa. That way, it will not swallow the visual of the room.

5. Raised Off The Sofa From The Floor

Choosing sofas with thin legs that raise them off the floor is essential in making your tiny living room look more spacious. The sofa legs are just a tiny detail, but they may add more illusion to your small living room.

Since the sofas are elevated on the floor, it creates more space for air to travel around the room. Aside from that, the space underneath can also add more aesthetic if you want to add some details on the floor, such as a carpet.

6. Pick Your Most Favorite Color

When it comes to the color of your sofa, it should be subjective. Most of the time, people opt for the recommended light-colored furniture to add to their living rooms. But it should not always be the case.

The sofa’s colors do not make the room look smaller or bigger. So you can go out and pick your favorite color if you want. After picking your perfect sofa color, you should use the tone you will surround it with, such as the wall. That will determine if your space will look more cluttered or not.

7. Put Attention To Tiny Details

Design matters when choosing a sofa for a small living room. Since your space is already limited, you should avoid picking those with boring or plain details.

But you should also not get too carried away and still opt for a minimalist appearance. Remember, less is more. Some details you can consider are the presence of buttons, curves, stitches, and patterns.

Other than the sofa’s design itself, adding attractive pillows and fabrics can also add more beauty to the overall aesthetic of the sofa that you want to achieve.

Choose The Best Sofa For You!

Before you check out the lovely sofas for your small living room, ensure you take note of every essential, such as the measurement, design, colors, comfort, and functionality. These will help you avoid regrets in the future.

Remember, a sofa is the center of every living room. So you must try to research which one is the right for you!

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