Importance of Keeping a Spare EV Charger in Your Car

Complete Information About Importance of Keeping a Spare EV Charger in Your Car

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular for various reasons. They’re not considered new technology anymore, which means most of the bugs and kinks have already been worked out with the first electric vehicle rollouts. People tend to have more confidence in today’s electric vehicles because they now have an established history of reliability.

Another reason EVs are becoming more popular is because they can travel longer distances and are more affordable than their earlier counterparts. They’re also an attractive option for people who don’t like the rising cost of fuel. The infrastructure for charging electric vehicles is becoming stronger, so it’s easier to find a charging station near you.

But as wonderful as electric vehicles are, they do come with some unique challenges you should be prepared for as an EV owner. Perhaps the biggest challenge is making sure your EV is properly charged so it’s ready to go when you need it. An important part of this preparation involves making sure that you always have a spare EV battery charger in your car.

Lectron 240 Volt 32 Amps Level 2

A Lectron 240 Vold 32 Amps Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger is durable and delivers a fast charge. It’s a very popular EV battery charging cable because of its reputation for reliability. When you’re traveling anywhere in your electric vehicle, a reliable charging source is essential.

The Lectron 240 Volt cable is also valued for its compact size, which is easy to roll up and store in the trunk of your vehicle. It’s also a one-size-fits-all cable that will work for any plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle. Many vehicle owners who have more than one electric vehicle use the Lectron 240 Volt charging cable because it works with all their EV models. It also offers shock protection for times when you must charge your vehicle in wet conditions. LED indicator lights on the cable alert you if there’s a problem while charging. They also let you know what charging level your vehicle is at so you can manage your time appropriately.

Charging Cable Options

There are many different charging cable options for electric vehicles. You can search for an “AutoZone near me” to find out what charging cables the locations nearest you have in stock. If the type you want isn’t in stock, there’s always a chance you can have staff order it in for you.

Some of the more popular EV charging cable options include the Lectron 240 Volt 32 Amps cable (mentioned above), as well as the following:

  • Schumacher 240 Volt 16 Amps
  • Lectron 110 Volt 16 Amps
  • Lectron 250 Volt 40 Amps
  • Lectron 240 Volt 16 Amps
  • Lectron 240 Volt 40 Amps

These are just a few of the more popular EV charging cable options you may want to consider for your electric vehicle. You can also find convenient charging adapters and charging cable organizers at an AutoZone near you. Check your vehicle’s VIN number to make sure any charging accessories you purchase will work with your particular car.

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