Spotify Music Charts {June} Is This A Legit Site Or Not?

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This post discusses music charts and how you can see your music pie chart on different platforms such as Spotify Music Charts

A New Spotify music chart has arrived, and music fans are wondering what’s special on this one? This post will discuss what is special in recent music charts and see different charts like the Apple music chart. So, this post will discuss everything related to charts of music.

As you know, the music charts Worldwide are made by music fans by monitoring what songs are streaming the most recently and what music people are giving attention to. Let us move further and know more about Spotify Music Charts and other different charts.

What Is A Music Chart?

Music charts tell you about the latest trending songs and the songs which are getting the most attention from the listeners. The songs are placed on the charts by how many times it has streamed. The most streamed songs are placed on the top; however, the least streamed platforms are placed on the bottom. Almost all platforms have music charts, but people mostly check Spotify and Apple charts to see what’s trending recently worldwide.

What is Spotify Pie Chart Link

The Spotify Pie Chart depicts your musical preferences in a graphic format. Your ‘pie’ will be divided into several colors, with a key describing which genre each color corresponds to. You’ll find the musicians you listen to the most beneath the key, listed in order from bottom to top, with the text increasing smaller.

Unlike the Unwrapped application of Spotify, the Spotify Pie Chart can be updated monthly, allowing you to observe how your music tastes vary over time rather than receiving a single year-end report. Like this, Apple Music also has an Apple Music Pie Graph feature where the listener can view their favorite artists and songs.

How can you make your music pie chart? 

Below are some of the steps you need to follow to see your pie chart of the Spotify platform –

  • Go to the website
  • Sign in with your Spotify credentials.
  • Agree to conditions and done.
  • You can now see your pie chart with your favorite artists and music details.

The platform of the pie chart is made by a developer, not the officials, but it is safe to use for Spotify users. Also, to check the pie chart in Apple Music Charts, you can go to your section and see your pie chart.

Final Verdict – 

Music charts are a fun and easy way of knowing and filtering out the best songs on your playlist. You can check out the top global music charts to see the songs trending, or check your pie chart to select your favorite songs. To see the latest music chart of Spotify, click on this link. 

Have you seen your music pie chart before on any platform? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, do share this Spotify Music Charts post to inform others. 

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