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If you are a fan of wordle games, the article below will interest you as it underlines everything there is to know about Survival Game Wordle Play.

Who would pass on an opportunity to expand their vocabulary through fun? From our experience, we would say no one. Even though this scenario may seem too good to be true, we would like to point out that it’s happening. 

While sitting at home, you can expand your knowledge of English words. You can hail from the United States, the United KingdomCanada, or Australia doesn’t matter; we urge you to give Survival Game Wordle Play a chance, which in actual terms is Survivle Game.

So without any delay, let us drop all the crucial details for you.

Everything To Know About Survivle Game 

This game is a twist on the famed game wordle. Even though the game is widely searched as Survival Game wordle, it is Survivle Game wordleWordle was one of the most popular games up to date in which the player had to guess the correct words based on some clues. Hence we can say it’s a word puzzle that people could play online. 

However, the new game Survival Game Wordle Play is the twist of the concept. The game provokes the players to guess the wrong word instead of the right word. The rule may seem easy on paper, but it’s not as easy as it seems when the system encourages the player to make the right guess.

There is not much to know about the game’s creator other than a user name on Reddit that is a ” lazy guy”.

Rules For The Players

As it is a norm with every game, there must be a set of rules to make the game more challenging and hence more fun. Survival Game Wordle Play is no different. 

Hence to make gaming more fun, we have jotted down some of the game’s rules as below:

  • The player is asked to put five letter words. If the color of any letter in the word is changed to yellow, then the entered letter is present in the word but not in the right spot. 
  • If any letter is grey, the letter is not part of the word. Hence the player can’t use that letter. 
  • The players are asked to use all the letters that turn green or yellow. 

Reviews on Survival Game Wordle Play

The game players have given their verdict, and so far, the response is positive. The game has also introduced a high contrast mode for people with color blindness. According to people, it is an exciting twist on the game of Wordle. To follow the creator’s note on the Survivle Game, visit here.


For what’s worth, the introduction of the Survivle Game has been a refreshing breakthrough from the trope. The success behind this game has been due to its innovative and conventionally challenging idea. Hence Survival Game Wordle Play is worth your time.

Have you played the Survivle Game yet? If so, then write about your experience in the box below.

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