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In this article, we will discuss the controversy between Jill Biden and The Bodegas of Bronx. We will also share the work of Bodegas in New York.

Do you shop from bodegas stores? What did Jill Biden say about bodegas recently? Jill Biden, the first lady of America, recently got hate on social media when she compared Latino to the breakfast of tacos and bodegas. This statement of Jill Biden started a controversy in the US.

There are many stores in the Bronx and Bodegas in New York, United States. These stores became a controversial speech of Jill Baiden and on the stage about The Bodegas of Bronx. So people are curious to learn about the work of Bodegas and their reaction to this statement.

Who are Bodegas

Bodega is a convenience store in New York. It is the stores that small owners operate. The word bodegas are derived from the Spanish word meaning storeroom or wine cellar. Jill Biden was recently in San Antonio at the Unidos US annual conference. 

While praising Raul Yzaguirre, she said that Raul had built this organisation with an understanding of the community’s diversity, which is as different as Bodegas of the Bronx and beautiful like blossoms of the Maimi, and unique like tacos in San Antonio.

Bogadas of the Bronx

Everyone loves Bodegas stores because they buy small daily items and groceries from bodegas stores. They are mostly located on the corners of New York streets. They are approximately thirteen thousand stores in the city.

Jill mispronounced the word bodegas. She wanted to say bodegas but made a mistake pronouncing Bogata. Which became a part of the controversy, and people are demeaning them and making it a part of a discrimination crisis in America. Moreover, different kinds of memes have also gone viral regarding Jill and Bodegas on social media trolling her.

The Bodegas of Bronx

There are major rules regarding the discrimination and color segregation of the people in the United States. Bodegas are the community that believes in earning money by doing hard work and having local stores to sell goods and groceries.

But the wrong statement of Jill Biden made it sound wrong in the conference meeting. After making a big statement by the political leader, the discrimination crisis rose to a high level. Some assume this could be a mistake, but some are taking it as an advantage and misusing the scenario. Bogadas of the Bronx ate the distinct community in New York City where they live their life by earning from the local General Stores and working at the home of other people.


Jill Biden’s failure in the speech regarding the Bodegas led to a controversy as it became a part of discrimination. However, it was not intentional, but this mistake became a part of social media trolling. 

What is your opinion about Jill Biden’s speech? Please share your comments in the section below. Also, if you want to know about The Bodegas of Bronx, open this link to get more info on the incident

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