The Future of Bicycling in British Columbia?

We at HASTE got really inspired by this video from the Netherlands. Could this be the future of bicycling in British Columbia? We sure hope so and we’re doing our best to make it happen.

HASTE has teamed up with a group of bicycling advocates who are very keen on bringing standardized bicycle training to kids across BC. We’ve been gathering support from all sorts of public, private and community organization across the province with the goal of implementing a level of bike training similar to that shown in the video from the Netherlands.

Many schools in BC are making change happen right now! New Westminster School District 40 is taking a lead role in providing bicycle training and programs to many of their elementary and middle school students. As families across BC are becoming more aware of the benefits of bicycling, communities are responding by improving bicycle infrastructure and providing better cycling education.

Vancouver’s Mayor Gregor Robertson has recently chatted about the need for kids biking safely to and from school. As Vancouver plays host to Velocity (the world’s premier international cycling planning conference) in June, we must ask the question: Are we ready for a bicycle revolution in British Columbia?

Tell us what you think. We’ve added a comments section so that you can join in on the discussion. We’d love to hear what you have to say!

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