The Mortuary Assistant Wiki {August 2022} How To Play?

The Mortuary Assistant Wiki
This article will instruct users on the new game’s controls and gameplay, The Mortuary Assistant Wiki.

Did you already play The Mortuary Assistant on a digital gaming platform? A spooky scary videogame called The Mortuary Assistant was developed and published by DarkStone Digital. It was made available to players in the United States and different nations. This page will provide information on The Mortuary Assistant Wiki.

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What Is The Mortuary Assistant Storyline?

The preservation procedure is in progress when the embalmer has to depart the workplace due to a personal crisis. He had requested that you step in to complete the task. He has faith in your ability to do the task.

You hesitantly consent since you’re relatively novice to the morgue and the embalming procedure. However, he was thoughtful as to provide you with a cheat sheet. Just adhere to the directions to finish the preservation.

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How To Play The Mortuary Assistant

Before preserving the corpses, you will be ready to separate them if they have any distinguishing markings. The person’s face, hands, legs, chest, and rear may all be examined. Whenever Rebecca speaks in the gameplay, you’ve completed it. The upper corner of your notepad includes a tally again for the number of notes. 

When you’ve finished recognizing the markings, head to the desktop next to the corpse and launch your Record Keeping. When you’re done, submit and take the documentation from the machine next to yourself.

The Mortuary Assistant Wiki- Embalming Process

A clear explanation of the concepts is provided in the on-screen training, which performs an excellent job at it. First, pick any of the 3 corpses in the freezer. The only change from the instruction is that you must change the record just at the beginning for each additional corpse you examine for markings.

Rather than be put up, the things you’ll require are located in the cupboard adjacent to the table. The embalming liquid would be strewn across the bookshelves and cupboards throughout the burial area.

Once the procedure has been completed, deliver the corpse to a freezer.

The Mortuary Assistant Wiki Different Endings

Following are the game’s possible outcomes: 

  • Correct Body Ending.
  • Wrong Body Ending.
  • Common Ending.
  • Standard Ending.
  • Closure Ending.
  • Game Over Ending.

You might notice certain behaviors in the corpses you’re operating with that will let you know which body the devil is now occupying. It may take the form of modest facial motions or new bodily marks. But, again, all the information has been taken from the internet.


The game was released on August 2nd. Players and streamers have enjoyed playing it on several internet platforms. It is available on Steam and works with PCs. On The Mortuary Assistant Wiki, we believe we have covered all the bases. To discover more about gameplay, go to.

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