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We discussed The Quarry Game Wiki to give you an idea of the game and the players’ reviews.

Is the quarry a Game or a horror experience? Video Games are getting popular among all age groups. We bet you have heard about many video games and might have played them too. But did you try out this new game that caught the eyes of gamers from United States, and United KIngdom, or are you still waiting for the reason to try this game out? 

Don’t worry; we have your back and are in the right place. In this article, we bring you all the information about The Quarry Game Wiki

What is the Quarry Game? 

The Quarry – Another interesting survival game with a fusion of horror elements, released on the 10th of June 2022. In this game, the players control the fate of nine characters in the game with collectible cards who want to live a night at a place called Hackett’s Quarry. This game wants to give its players a dramatic survival horror experience. The game lasts about 7-10 hours, with more than 10 different ways for the players to die. After completing the first play-through, the player will unlock a feature called Death Rewind. The feature gives them a chance to revive the three characters’ deaths.

The Quarry Game Review and Ratings

People have started giving their opinion about the Quarry Game .7\10 by IGN, 70% by PC Gamers, and 3\5 by Games Reader have been given to the Quarry Game. A vast part of the audience likes the name and calls it Visually stunning with amazing gameplay and graphics. In addition, players liked the plot,  characters, and storyline. On the other hand, some players are slightly disappointed due to some bugs, slowness, and the quality of the game on some devices; nonetheless, they are enjoying the game.

More about The Quarry Game Wiki 

  • The supermassive game has developed the game, and 2k Games has published it.
  • The Game is playable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox series X, and Series A.
  • Movie mode lets you enjoy watching the game rather than playing only
  • Death Rewind is available in the first Play-through in the pre-ordered deluxe edition 
  • The game has elements like button mashing, aiming, shooting, and many more
  • Players can enjoy the Single-Player as well as Online Multiplayer features.

These are the facts about The Quarry Game Wiki that is in demand.


Hope to provide you with the information about this game. Now you have a chance to enjoy a horror experience through this game. Don’t forget to write your views on this article in the comment section below. If you are willing to know more about the quarry game. Then read here.

Players from all over the world are enjoying this Interactive Drama Horror Video Game and calling it one of the best Video Games as shown in The Quarry Game Review

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