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The article on The World After The Fall Chapter 8 is about a web novel. We have discussed every detail, and please read.

What is the world after the fall? Which chapter has been released recently?

Webtoons are digital comics on the Internet, often published on websites. Webtoons have been popular in Korea and Japan, but more recently, they have gained momentum in the world of Western comic books as well.

In the Philippines and Indonesia, people want to know about The World After The Fall Chapter 8.

What Are Manga And Webtoon Comics?

Webtoons and Manga are two of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world currently. Webtoons, or web-comics, are short digital cartoons usually read from right to left. If you’ve ever used a smartphone or computer, then you have probably seen one before. 

Webtoons first began appearing in South Korea around 2003, and they have been gaining popularity on the Internet. There are several different genres out there for readers to choose from.

Manga is now a worldwide famous concept, and among people, its popularity has grown over the period. Follow this article to know more about The World After The Fall Chapter 8.

What is The World After The Fall?

This is a Manga or a web novel, released in 2016. The World After The Fall is an adventure, fiction, mystery, action, and fantasy genre. The author of this web novel is Sing-Shong. This is a currently ongoing Manga.  

Initially, this was released only in Korean. But now it is also in English. Over some time, it has created its popularity in the world of Manga. This novel presents up to 276th episodes in the native or the original language (Korean). In English and the chapters released recently, there are up to chapter 7.

The World After The Fall Chapter 8 And Plot Story

The plot of this Manga is that human beings have been called to save the earth and clear a tower. So, they have to become walkers to protect the world. In the process, a stone is discovered known as the “Stone of regression.” 

After discovering the stone, everyone returned to where they came from one by one. Another called ‘Carpe Diem’ is supposed to be the last hope. It was formed by people who wanted to protect the earth.

In the end, only one person stood his ground to protect everyone. The novel tells the story of this man.

The World After The Fall Chapter 8 has been released, and readers can read it. On various portals and websites, chapter 8th is now available. The name of the chapter is ‘Millions Of Stabs.’ 


Web novels are now being read by people all over the world. They have taken the entertainment industry by storm. Web novels are considered to be a good way of spending your time. Since they are free, anyone can read them. 

The web novel The World After The Fall has come into the limelight recently. People are loving this Manga now.

If you want to know everything about this novel, click here.  

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