Top 3 Monitoring and Time Clock Systems for Small Businesses in 2023

Top 3 Monitoring and Time Clock Systems for Small Businesses in 2023

Every business owner knows that wasting resources like time is wasting money. That is why it is not surprising that small business owners turn to new technologies and solutions available to them. Using the best time clock system for small businesses can be an excellent solution for better business organization, increased efficiency – and increased profits for your small business. Therefore, we present to you the top 3 monitoring and time clock systems.

Monitoring Systems as a Support in Business

In the business world, regardless of the industry – reliability, precision, and efficiency are the qualities that position you. Therefore, it is not surprising that most business owners insist on employees performing their duties efficiently, thereby increasing the company’s productivity. However, the fact is that without the appropriate tool, you cannot always control your employees’ work. Many of them will take advantage of your lack of time – by ‘stealing’ working hours. How do you stop that? The answer is simple and the solution is within reach. Choose one of the software for controlling the working hours of your employees. We are sure that you already know it is a great support in the business. However, many find themselves in a dilemma when they are about to choose the best time clock system for small businesses. 

It is important that such a system is reliable, that it is within your budget – and that it is suitable for the needs of your company. We will try to help you by selecting monitoring and time clock systems with good user reviews. Here are our top 3 choices.

1: Buddy Punch

According to users’ reviews, this is one of the best time clock systems for small businesses. However, we must emphasize that it’s equally suitable for large companies. And indeed, this software offers you almost all the features you need to control your employees’ working hours. You can use the option of controlling working hours or calculating overtime. You also have the option of calculating PTO and labor costs – and sharing GPS location. What is best of all, it also offers benefits to employees – because, if necessary, they can use location data or codes for particular projects they are working on. Buddy Punch can also provide other features, like, for example, using a webcam, etc. The software can be integrated with other computer systems – which makes it almost universal for use.

2: Connecteam

This is probably one of the most comprehensive applications used to control working hours and employees and their performance. It is excellent for small entrepreneurs and helps not only in tracking time but also when calculating salaries. It is so easy to use as employees receive timestamps via their smartphones. You can use a GPS option, which means you can follow the route of your employees when performing tasks. It also has a Geo-fence feature and automatic notifications about every change or action. 

3: Time Doctor

No time-tracking software can be as effective as when you make it for yourself. That’s exactly the story of the Time Doctor. Its developers created it because of their own needs to control their remote employees – and later, it turned out that this software largely met the expectations of many other small businesses. With time tracking and monitoring the flow of tasks that employees need to perform – small business owners can monitor the entire work process and efficiency. The storage of project data and the possibility of comparative analysis are other advantages of using this software.


These solutions are practical for employers, but we can say that they are equally stimulating for employees. Namely, the use of the best time clock system for small businesses boosts their motivation and productivity – and that affects the satisfaction of your clients and customers. All this leads you to the main goal, which is the successful operation of your small business.

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